How to Create a Hotel-Style Bathroom at Home

How to Create a Hotel-Style Bathroom at Home

Are you wondering how to make your bathroom more luxurious? Luxury is something that so many people are after, something that is so desperately yearned for. It’s honestly easy to see why, too; currently, there are so many luxury-related trends out there. It’s not about feeling rich, as it is more about feeling pampered.  Hotels are one of the ultimate luxuries that around, and those are all about making you feel pampered, from the plush beds to the sweet aromas of meals, all the way down to the towels that are soft to the touch.  There is no doubt about it that nearly everyone feels instantly recharged when going to a hotel. 

So, when it comes to hotels, how can you bring this lovely experience into your home? Specifically, how can you give yourself that incredible hotel-style experience that hotel bathrooms offer? Is it possible to have something like this in your home? Absolutely! Keep reading on to learn what you’ll need to do to give yourself this ultimate at-home luxury!

Start with a Theme for Your Bathroom

One of the best things you can do for a bathroom that feels hotel-like is to choose a theme. This doesn’t have to be a full-colour scheme, but a common theme is using lots of tiles, often in a matte finish, for a sleek and modern look that also looks easy to clean. Once you’ve chosen your main theme, you can then add lots of little touches to make the room feel truly luxurious. For example, buy nice-looking wicker baskets for towels and fill them with scented soaps and pretty-looking toiletries. If you’ve been to enough hotels, resorts, or even cruise ships, you’ll most likely pick up that there are some themes to most of these bathrooms. You can easily just go to Pinterest and even get ideas from there too. 

Add Some Featured Lighting

Not all hotels offer this, but a lot do. Why go with boring when you can go with fab? While you don’t have to go as far as adding a chandelier to your bathroom, just having some sort of featured lighting is going to help. When it comes to featured lighting, you don’t need anything too elaborate or even too expensive. Websites like Amazon and Wayfair carry some unique but very bathroom-friendly lighting fixtures. Plus, when it comes to lighting, you shouldn’t forget the candles either.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of featured lighting, it’s essential to consider the practicality and safety of residential electrical services. Proper installation and maintenance of lighting fixtures are crucial, especially in areas like bathrooms where moisture and electricity are in close proximity. Professional residential electrical services ensure that all lighting, including stylish featured fixtures, is installed correctly and safely. This not only enhances the ambiance but also ensures compliance with electrical codes and standards.

Go Bold

Hotels often use bold colours in their bathrooms to add interest, and it is a great way of adding a little bit of luxury. These can be added to the walls or even incorporated into accessories and towels. Another easy way to achieve a hotel-style bathroom is by installing some large wall mirrors. These can be either simple for a minimalist look or more detailed and ornate for an elegant feel. Some can also be backlit for a more dramatic effect. When it comes to the bathrooms, especially if you’re creating that hotel experience, then you need to remember that drama is a good thing!  So go bold, be dramatic, and let it be wild!

Don’t Forget Those Touches of Luxury!

There are a few ways to make your bathroom feel luxurious. Adding some extra detail, like scented candles, wicker baskets for towels, and a pretty soap dish, can add to the ambiance. You could also try pouring your toiletries into a pretty bottle or using pretty coasters on the vanity unit. You can create the hotel look at home with a color scheme that matches the furniture and fixtures. This creates a seamless and upscale appearance. 

Having a walk-in shower with flooring and tiles that match will further enhance the spacious look. You could also install wall-hung toilets and basins, which are not only stylish but easier to clean. You could even bring the outdoors in with a window that opens to the sky, which makes you feel one with nature. 

This can be achieved with a frosted glass window or long drapes, which look elegant. These are all nothing but ideas, but these are usually the more common elements for a bathroom that is usually considered to be luxurious. In the end, it’s going to depend entirely on you, but be sure to get a team of professionals like https://www.newbathtech.com/ to help you make this dreamy hotel-like bathroom into a reality!

Go with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in style, and it’s gorgeous now more than ever; you’re going to find designs that are the furthest thing away from your grandma’s wallpaper. So why not go with that for your hotel bathroom? In fact, a lot of boutique-style hotel rooms, especially in Europe, are now using wallpaper for their bathrooms. It’s cute, it’s dainty, and you can’t deny that it makes any bathroom look unique. Just be sure to look and make sure that wallpaper is able to be in your bathroom; some bathrooms tend to lack ventilation, so you’ll need to keep an eye on this. 

You Can Never Go Wrong with Elegant Storage

In upscale hotels, clutter is minimal, but you can make your bathroom look this way, too, by using clever storage solutions. Replacing mismatched containers with a set of porcelain canisters in cream and chrome is a great way to add sophistication. Displaying luxury toiletries and beauty products in dark packaging also creates a polished look. And a heated towel rail to warm your towels before your bath really puts you in the mood for a luxurious soak. It can honestly be as simple as putting all of your soap into clear glass bottles or hiding everything inside baskets. A minimalist bathroom tends to look and feel the most luxurious. 

In the end, when it comes to a hotel-style bathroom, what’s going to matter most is the experience, not just how it looks. You’re going to want this to be clean, you’re going to want to have fresh white towels, and you’re going to want it to smell good. Hotels tend to have beautiful bathrooms, but what truly makes the hotel bathroom so great is, hands-down, the experience. You can have a gorgeous bathroom and still miss out on the experience itself, so make sure you focus on that too!

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