5 Safety Tips For Your Teen Driver

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Of all the positive parenting strategies for teens that you can explore, ensuring they are safe behind the wheel (or handlebars) is arguably the most impactful. Although so many people can drive, it still represents a danger if a driver does not treat the road, their vehicle and the conditions with respect. If your teenager is on the verge of getting their license and planning a road trip with their friends, consider these five safety tips. 

Eyes On the Road 

If there is any piece of driving advice everyone will give, it’s to keep your eyes on the road. While everyone can be at fault for this, you could argue that teens are more prone to distracted driving, especially with texts and calls, or even changing the music in their car. With loud friends trying to have conversations in the passenger seats, these distractions can become overwhelming and increase the risk of accidents as your teen’s focus is not entirely on the road ahead and any possible hazards. 

Use Your Mirrors 

You must remind your child that mirrors are not fitted to the car simply to look good. Like every other part of the vehicle, they are a crucial safety feature that helps them to see more of their surroundings and minimize the risk of accidents or collisions. Their mirrors are most useful on the highway for changing lanes but should also be used on smaller streets. For other vehicles, mirrors are arguably even more important and can help you obtain recoverable damages in a motorcycle accident case should your teen rider be involved in a crash.

Slow Down 

Humans seem to have developed a trait where they want to go as fast as possible. It’s why people love to run or get on a bicycle or even take flights. But, going too fast is incredibly dangerous, especially with winter driving in various sketchy conditions. Snow, sleet, ice, and rain can all contribute to accidents and if your teen is driving too quickly, there may not be much they can do to right themselves out of a skid. 

Get Off the Road If You Are Nervous 

It’s natural to feel nervous behind the wheel, but there comes a point when these nerves can put the driver and other drivers at risk. Remind your teen that they need to find a safe place to stop and pull over if they feel nervous since they are more likely to make a mistake. A parking lot or side street should suffice and they can take a few minutes to calm down. 

Come Prepared 

Hopefully, your teen never gets involved in any trouble while driving, be it an accident or a flat tire. However, it always pays to come prepared. Knowing how to change a tire and what to do immediately after an accident will save them a lot of trouble. They should also keep spare shoes and water bottles in their vehicle if they get stranded. 


Teaching your kids how to be safe while driving or riding their motorcycle or moped can put your mind at ease. While you can’t be with them at all times, you can give them the tools to ensure they are responsible and careful while on the road, whether going to school or meeting friends. 

Josie Smith
Josie Smith
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  1. AJ
    July 2, 2023 / 3:02 pm

    These are really great tips that are so important! Thanks for sharing!