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My name is Aneta and I am a 30something gal currently living in Toronto. I’m a Toronto mommy blogger who gave up a career to stay home and play house. That grew old (fast) and Home With Aneta Blog was created at some point between kid 3 and 4. 

I am that cliche mom who wears yoga gear but doesn’t do yoga and drinks copious amounts of coffee at all hours of the day. I love good food, stinky cheese, and pens that write really well. I am on a never-ending mission to get my house organized and my husband begs me to stop moving furniture around. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 

When it comes to parenting I lead with my gut. The difference between first-time mom Aneta circa 2008 and 4-time (returning champ) mom Aneta circa 2018 is that I’m currently confident that I am doing the best I can with what I got. When I know more I will do better—I think Maya Angelou taught me that. 

Toronto Mommy Blogger Aneta Alaei

I am married to the man that made me believe in love at first sight. His name is Mike and he is genuinely my best friend. We have perfected the art of argument and are really good at making up. Which leads us to, you guessed it, the kids.

The Kids

Currently on the kid roster in my home (with no expectations of adding more) is:


Darius is my oldest the most like his mama. He is our tech guy and has a passion for all things electronic. He enjoys spending hours shooting hoops and when the weather keeps him inside you can find him playing Xbox. 


Emma is a vivacious and bright girl. I’m still trying to figure out whether she is just really good at the dramatic arts or whether she is steady being sassy with me. She like skating, persimmons and anything artistic (order still to be determined).


Aria is a firecracker who has just started French Immersion Junior Kindergarten and shows us all that she knows ALL THE TIME. She spends her days evading her French homework, watching Baby Alive videos on Youtube and cutting all her dolls hair off. 


Cyrus is our youngest and spends his days trying to keep up with the older kids. He likes to play with cars, shoot his family members with Nerf guns and colour on all our walls. 

We are also the proud pet parents of a 2-year-old American Bulldog named Charlie. Charlie makes our already full home burst at the seams with love.

Toronto mommy blogger

Silence is overrated, coffee can never be strong enough, and you should always eat ALL the macarons!

toronto mommy blogger

If you think that I would be a good fit for your brand check out our Work With Me post and let’s talk. For a general landing page about me head over here. I can be reached at homewithaneta@gmail.com.