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My name is Aneta and I am a 30something gal currently living in Toronto. I’m a mommy blogger who gave up a career to stay home and play house. That being said my house has been overrun by little people so said house is in a constant state of chaos.

toronto's mommy blogger

You can find me drinking copious amounts of cold coffee through the day and always trying to navigate just WHEN the socially acceptable time to switch to wine is. 

I have been blessed with hair that is too dark and eyebrows that are too light. So four times a year you will find me looking like this.

toronto mommy blogger

I value honesty over kindness. If you can’t tell me the truth, then I don’t have space in my life for you. I can’t grow as a person if I don’t have people around me telling me what my faults are, and I am far from perfect. That being said the stars have somehow magically aligned so that I have friends that are both honest and kind, and they swear a lot. *Thanks universe*

I am constantly trying to get organized and because of that I have a slight problem purchasing planners, calendars and pre-made lists. I fail miserably EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am now in the process of getting my kids to write in their own activities in our family calendar.

toronto mommy blogger

I actually enjoy doing laundry, mostly because the laundry room is the only room in the house where no one will come looking for me. I also keep a secret snack cupboard in my laundry room for when I am consumed with guilt over washing the same load for the third time. *Note to self-Make a secret wine cupboard as well*

I am very honest with my kids and like to answer most of their questions honestly-except for Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny-these will be milked for all of their magical powers until the last kid begs me to stop.

I am for early sex-ed, pro-vaccine (even though most in my family are anti-vaxxers), and always for bending gender roles.

I have an addictive personality so if I find something I like I will have it everyday until I don’t like it anymore. Sometimes this upsets my family as they don’t always like what I do, but I cook the meals.

I am that woman who never had any dreams of getting married but somehow ended up doing just that with my best friend. We decided to get married on a Friday and ended up doing a quick little thing that Sunday. Most of my decision making is done in this same way, on a whim.

toronto mommy blogger

I have four kids, two boys and two girls. I have always known I was going to have four kids and so I am extremely happy that my husband agreed to keep going even though we were in way over our head at number three.

About Aneta Alaei

As if my heart and home was not already bursting at the seams we decided to add a new puppy to our family after we had to put down our 13-year-old pitbull Gucci. Charlie is a purebred American Bulldog and fills whatever quiet moments we used to have with barks.


About Aneta

Silence is over rated, coffee can never be strong enough, and you should always eat ALL the macarons!

toronto mommy blogger