Everything You Need To Know To Easily Build A Pergola From Toja Grid

Everything You Need To Know To Easily Build A Pergola From Toja Grid

This post is in partnership with Toja Grid and they have provided us with product in order for us to write our blog post. We provided the lumber and man hours to assemble and all of our opinions are based on our experience.

I am so excited to share this easy pergola with a mosquito net we recently installed from Toja Grid. It has made patio living a thing we look forward to whether it’s morning coffee or catching up with our latest book obsession.

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Enhancing Our Outdoor Living Spaces

Remember when we were all stuck at home a few years ago and everyone was fixing up their homes? Yeah, we opted out during those times. Our backyard has sunlight from sunrise to sunset and it is blistering out there. Add the bugs and it is impossible to spend any time out there relaxing. We had this huge outdoor living space but did no living there. Now with the addition of the Toja Grid Pergola we were able to have our furniture protected from the dogs and other critters. We can entertain guests and enjoy meals while the kids play on the trampoline. It gives our home that’s bursting at the seams more liveable space and that is something I can get behind 100%.

We’ve also got a bug zapper machine when we want to open up the doors and I love that the mosquito net has a built-in system that lets you open the net and tie it off on the sides.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a stand-alone structure that is designed to add shade to your backyard space. There are many different shade options and Toja Grid makes it so easy to find one that meets your needs.

What is Toja Grid?

Toja Grid was established in 2017 and its products are Canadian-made, designed and manufactured in Canada. They are committed to quality craftsmanship and the products have superior durability and reliability. Their many designs give you the flexibility to easily assemble and customize your outdoor spaces.

What Comes in the Toja Grid Pergola Kit?

When you purchase the 10×10 pergola kit with mosquito net they send you 3 boxes to your door and these include:

  • 4x 4×4 SOLO base/wall brackets
  • 4x 4×4 TRIO corner brackets
  • 1x Mosquito Netting
  • All Hardware to attach to wood is included (this includes the Side and Corner Mounts)
  • 1-1/2” Pan Rob/Phil combo drive 304 S.S wood screws with black plastic head caps

One of my favourite parts of the Toja Grid system is that every single screw is the same and it makes building your unit so incredibly easy. There is no going back and forth to the instructions between each step because it’s super consistent and repetitive. The attention to detail that the system has with the Toja name on the brackets and the black plastic head caps to make a seamless final product is so appreciated.

What Did We Have to Purchase to Complete Our Toja Grid Pergola 10×10

All you have to buy is

  • 4x 4x4x10 pieces of lumber
  • 4x 4x4x8 pieces of lumber
  • anchoring hardware

I screwed up and bought eight 10ft 4×4’s when I should have gotten four 10 ft 4×4’s for the top and four 8ft 4×4’s for the legs. This was a me error because I was so excited to get it built that I didn’t use common sense or read instructions. Don’t be like me.

Toja Grid doesn’t ship lumber because A. it costs a lot and B. it allows you to get the wood that you want and is available in your area. You can customize it to your preference by choosing lumber that fits with your desired final look and needs.

If I had not ordered the mosquito net with our pergola it really wouldn’t have mattered that it was 10 ft tall. That is the brilliance of the Toja Grid system. It offers so much customization and now that I am familiar with the system I’m seeing the system in use everywhere including in patios of my fave restaurants.

How Long Did It Take to Install the Pergola?

I have two answers to this question. If I had gotten the correct lumber from the get-go it would have been completed in under an hour with most of the work being done by me except for the end where I needed to call in some muscle reinforcements to help lift the unit up for the final screws. Since I had to cut 2 feet off of each leg to make it the correct height for the mosquito net it added another hour to build time. All-in-all I think this is probably the most time efficient outdoor structure build I’ve encountered.

How Can I Customize My Toja Grid Pergola?

Absolutely! They have many different shade options, size options, hammocks, and even privacy walls. We got a single pergola because that is what we needed in our space but you can really let your imagination run wild so that your wants and needs are met.

Tips and Tricks

  • I would watch the install videos under the ordered product before putting the final product together. They were so helpful at explaining the install process to me and since I am a visual learner it allowed me to get a very clear plan in place.
  • I would recommend using a electric drill to screw the screws in because it will make install a breeze.
  • If you’re adding accessories to the pergola (including the mosquito net) I would watch their install videos before starting as well. We had to remove some screws that we initially installed to put the net brackets on and if I had watched every video before starting I would have installed the brackets from the start. Since I had the electric drill this was a quick fix but I prefer you learn from my mistakes and have an error-free install.

Where Can Toja Grid Products Be Purchased?

If you’re looking to purchase a Toja Grid unit for yourself you can do so at any of the retailers listed here or through the Toja Grid website here.

Final Thoughts on Our Toja Grid Pergola with Mosquito Net

Life has improved now that we are able to bring our daily activities outside. I am still trying to figure out exactly how we want to keep the space styled and with the added solar-powered lights and mosquito zapper we’re able to enjoy it well into the night. We will be enjoying it for many years to come and I hope that you’ll build a Toje Grid pergola for your own space to enjoy.


This post is in partnership with Toja Grid and they have provided us with product in order for us to write our blog post. We provided the lumber and man hours to assemble and all of our opinions are based on our experience.

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