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I am what you would call an ‘avid’ online shopper. With four kids, two jobs, and an endless to-do list you can bet your bottom dollar that if I am ordering as much online as I can. We’ve all seen the frazzled mother at the grocery store with 2 carts and a whole slew of children throwing random food into carts…I was that mother. So to prevent me from getting to that point I do the smart thing and shop online. Whether it is buying myself some new black yoga pants (these have hidden pockets), new Michael Kors tote, or…

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Finding the Perfect Balance with RepHresh™

There is no way to dress up this post and make it pretty. It’s about yeast infections and how products from the RepHresh™ line can help keep them at bay. Now that that is out of the way and the men have all scurried away let’s talk about something we will all experience (as women) probably once in our lives. Yeast infections suck. They suck a million times more in the summer heat and it’s pretty horrible that the summer heat is what can bring them on. There is some preventative measures to take though and a couple of products…

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Exploring the Planet with the Netflix Passport + Free Download

Early this year I asked my kids if they wanted to do summer camp and in between tantrums of running away, tears and full out threats of calling the police on us if we made them go, they refused to even entertain the idea. Come the second day of summer when all of the neighbourhood kids have all gone of to day camp and our kids begged us to sign them up. Sorry no can do. All the affordable and good options were full so we’ve had to think of different ways for them to adventure. When the days are…

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Why Our Mixed-Faith Family Made the Easy Decision to Get a Catholic School Education

We are a mixed-race, mixed-faith, mixed-culture household. My husband and I are trying to maintain our Polish and Iranian identity while also striving to weave Canadian culture and tradition into our home. Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for our Future My husband and I were best friends before we were anything more. We spent years talking about our hopes, dreams and plans for the future without even realizing that our futures would become ‘our future’.  Those easy conversations paved the way for the harder ones. Growing up I was raised Roman Catholic and my husband was raised Muslim. For me it…

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Love, Marriage, Baby…and Life Insurance?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. Plus, the car, the house, the RESPs, the RRSPs and all the bills that come with growing up and we’re officially adulting, right? I think most of us can agree that paying the bills for something that we have used, purchased or plan to use are a part of life. It is paying for things that we will not benefit from directly that seem to throw us off our guard. Insurance is one of those things. You pay for insurance to secure peace of mind. You…

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