Fast and Easy Dinner Ideas Using Janes ultimates Boneless Bites

So excited to share some of our family’s favourite fast and easy dinner ideas using Janes ultimates Boneless Bites that are

☑ Kid-approved
☑ Parent-loved
☑ Quick and easy

5 Easy Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide

Each August I get the kids working on these 5 easy ways to prevent the summer slide so they start September ready to learn new things.

Are We Doing Pandemic Back-To-School or Not?

Are we doing pandemic back-to-school or not? As if we didn’t have enough on our plate with the bullshit of the past 7 months we now have to make a decision that will have far-fetching implications for possibly the rest of the kid’s lives.

Am I Failing at Pandemic Living?

Am I failing at pandemic living? Am I even really failing or am I just not willing to “keep up with the Joneses” when it…