Tips For Raising a Family Whilst Running Your Own Business

Tips For Raising a Family Whilst Running Your Own Business

Raising a family can be challenging at times and so can running your own business, so we can imagine just how stressful it can be when you are trying to juggle both at the same time. One minute you are being mum and cooking the dinner, and entertaining the children and then the next minute you are being a businesswoman, getting vinyl letter stickers printed for your marketing team, filling out your accounts software and trying to bring in revenue at the same time. 

It’s not easy, but there are ways to make it a little easier for yourself and a lot less stressful – if being not stressed is a thing raising children and running a business. Ways you can make it easier include, setting realistic deadlines for clients, dedicating set times to working and setting times to be with your family and using time-saving technology – technology can be your best friend, so don’t fight against it. 

To help you, keep on reading our guide to raising a family whilst running your own business. 

Set realistic deadlines for clients 

Working with clients can be challenging at times, with them demanding an arm and a leg a lot of the time. When they are, this can affect your family life, as you feel you can’t spend as much time with your children. To reduce this, try and set realistic deadlines with your clients that you can aim to achieve. For example, if they want it done within 2 days, but that’s not possible without affecting your family time, tell them you will do it in 4 to manage their expectations

Dedicate set time to working and being a family 

Try to dedicate set working hours and family hours. This can sometimes be challenging to stick to, however by having set hours for both, you may find it more manageable. For example, ensure you do not have to work on the weekend and in the evenings, as this time will be for your children. When you are spending time with your children, try not to be tempted to check your work emails or quickly do a task or two. 

Use time-saving technology

Technology is there to support you, so use it to your advantage to help with both work and family life. Research the best tech that will support you in what you are doing and don’t be afraid to invest in it, if it’s going to help make your life a little easier. For example, you may find a CRM system could help you with automated tasks. AI is huge at the moment so see if there are any AI tools that can help you, such as with your article writing.

We hope our guide has given you some insights into how to run a business and bring up a family at the same time. As we said at the start, it’s never going to be easy, but with a few changes, you can make it more manageable. 

What tips would you recommend to someone bringing up a family and trying to run a successful business? Which of the above tips in our guide did you find most useful? Is there anything you would suggest that you think we should be adding to our guide? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you. 

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