How to Choose the Built-in Medicine Cabinet That’s Right for You

How to Choose the Built-in Medicine Cabinet That’s Right for You

Are you planning to replace your old medicine cabinet or add a built-in medicine cabinet? The medicine cabinet is a critical item to consider when setting up your bathroom. It serves two primary purposes: being practical and improving the overall appearance. It gives you a handy storage space for all your medicines and toiletries and contributes to your bathroom’s overall look and feel.

Yet, it can be challenging to pick the right bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirror, especially with the endless choices available at stores like Wellfor. Don’t worry; we’re here to help guide you through the process in this article by considering critical aspects of a medicine cabinet that will help you make the right purchase as per your preferences. 

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Medicine Cabinet?

Before diving into fixture shopping, make sure you are clear about your needs and preferences regarding the medicine cabinet. For that, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

● How much space do you need to store all your medications and/or bathroom supplies in the cabinet? 

● Will this cabinet store everyday items?

● Are you dealing with more oversized items that you often keep in the bathroom, including bottles? Or is it about organizing numerous smaller items?

● Do you prefer a recessed medicine cabinet installed within the walls of your bathroom or a cabinet that is easily mounted on the surface?

● How is your bathroom’s lighting setup? Will the addition of a newer cabinet help enhance this lighting based on your preference? 

Once you find the answers to these queries, you can easily understand your requirements, simplifying the process of selecting the ideal medicine cabinet that caters to your preferences.

Key Considerations in a Medicine Cabinet

Size Matters

Sizing is vital in choosing the right medicine cabinet. But how do you determine the ideal size for you? Simply follow the steps below:

● Begin by measuring your bathroom vanity’s width. Here, if you’re unsure how much the width should be, remember that an ideal medicine cabinet placement is either the same width or slightly narrower compared to the vanity. For instance, if you choose to install a 30-inch wide vanity, make sure you are aligning it with a medicine cabinet that is at least 24-30 inches wide.

● Next, determine the appropriate height by measuring the distance between the lights above your vanity and the top of the faucet. Ensure sufficient clearance, making the medicine cabinet slightly smaller than the available space.

How Do You Want to Install The Medicine Cabinet? 

Select the installation type once you’ve identified your medicine cabinet’s ideal width and height. For this, you need to understand your space limitations before deciding. For instance, if cutting into the wall is not feasible, a recessed cabinet may not be an option. 

That said, here are the options you can consider when picking an in-built bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirror:

● Surface-mount medicine cabinets are affixed to the wall with screws or adhesives protruding a few inches outward. These types of medicine cabinets come with plenty of space, enough to store anything and everything you keep in the bathroom.

● Recessed medicine cabinets are fitted between wall studs, requiring wall cutting. They save exterior space and present a sleek appearance.

● Dual-mount cabinets provide versatility, allowing recessed or surface mounting based on your needs.

Don’t Forget About the Hinges

As part of the installation process, it’s essential to consider the hinges for your medicine cabinet, focusing on the preferred side and door swing orientation. For that, we suggest you to choose from one of the following: 

● Standard hinges open around 107°-110°, slightly past perpendicular.

● Wide throw hinges enable almost a complete 180° swing.

● Soft-close hinges ensure a slow, gentle door closure, safeguarding the mirror and cabinet contents.

Finalize a Frame and Finish You Prefer

Now, consider the type of frame and finish for your Wellfor medicine cabinet to make it blend with the interior of your bathroom. Here are the main types available and the styles they suit best:

● Aluminum: Popular for being lightweight and rust-resistant, aluminum cabinets fit well in transitional, modern, industrial, or casual spaces.

● Plastic: A less expensive option that blends well with more casual bathroom spaces.

● Stainless Steel: Resistant to corrosion, stainless steel cabinets with a shiny finish work well in modern or brightly colored bathrooms.

● Wood Frame: Cabinets with a wooden frame outlining a mirror. Painted woods suit transitional or casual bathrooms, while textured wood suits natural, country, or rustic spaces.

● Classic: All-wood cabinets with no mirror, suitable for spaces with existing large mirrors and perfect for traditional, casual, or rustic styles.

● Mirrored: Sleek cabinets with a frameless mirror face, ideal for sleek, minimalistic, and modern styles, offering an austere and purely functional look.

● Set-In Frame: Some cabinets feature a frame etched into the mirror, suitable for modern spaces with a minimalistic style, providing stark rectangular geometry.

Additionally, you can also consider the following framing options:

● Framed cabinets offer a traditional style, with frames made of various woods or metals.

● Frameless design, a more modern approach, allows for a beveled or sleek, flat-edged mirror for elegance or a contemporary feel.

● Side kits can cover the sides of surface-mounted cabinets, adding wood or glass elements and enhancing even frameless designs.

How to Choose the Built-in Medicine Cabinet That’s Right for You

Pick a Design That Complement Your Bathroom Interior

Like any other utility, medicine cabinet designs are as important as their frame and finish. Hence, make sure to pick a design that uplifts the interior of your bathroom. For that, you can:

Select the shape based on your design goals, opting for standard rectangles or cabinets with curved sides. Angular shapes suit contemporary styles, while curved edges lean towards a more traditional or classical look.

Don’t Just Settle For Any Lighting

If you prefer brighter lighting everywhere in the bathroom, don’t hesitate to get it in your medicine cabinet. Now, it’s essential to be familiar with different lighting options to ensure that the bathroom cabinet you purchase has lighting fixtures that meet your usage preference. Let’s explore these options: 

● Set-In LEDs: Modern cabinets often feature lights shining from the mirror, ideal for contemporary spaces. Some styles even offer colored lights for extra flair.

● Bar LED Lighting: Styles with LED lighting set into a bar extending from the top, illuminating downward towards the mirror, offer extra lighting when needed.

● BulbLiighting: Certain cabinets have bulbs set into the top, providing additional lighting, particularly useful for makeup application. This classic style complements retro bathrooms.

● Interior Lighting: Some models include a lighting strip inside the cabinet, enhancing visibility. Opt for these if your bathroom has otherwise low lighting.

Additional Features

If you’re looking for more than just the basic medicine cabinet features, you can always pick a cabinet with one or more of these: 

● Defogger: This mirror with a defogging feature can be a game-changer for hot shower enthusiasts.

● Chargers: Some modern cabinets come equipped with USB chargers. This is a handy addition for charging devices like phones or shavers in bathrooms with limited outlet options.

● Dimmer: This feature makes it easier to adjust lighting, catering to multiple users with varying brightness preferences.

● Adjustable Shelves: While not high-tech, many medicine cabinet models also allow shelf adjustments. This feature is ideal for those prioritizing customized organization.


Selecting the ideal medicine cabinet involves thoughtful consideration of storage needs, bathroom size, cabinet type, material, style, and lighting. By weighing these factors, you’ll pick a cabinet that not only meets functional requirements but also elevates the overall ambiance of your bathroom.


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Josie Smith
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