The Biggest Cuts You Can Make Into Those Energy Bills

The Biggest Cuts You Can Make Into Those Energy Bills

With the costs of living seemingly forever on the rise, it feels like simply getting by is becoming more and more of a challenge. As such, taking the opportunity to cut those costs, especially the big ones, is always worth it. The energy bills of the home are one such cost and, thankfully, there are a lot of ways to reduce them. We’re going to look at a few here.

Switch your provider

The first and easiest way to find if there’s any room to be made in your energy costs is to look for a new electricity provider. This doesn’t require any new installations or the like, it simply changes who is providing the electricity that is flowing into your home. Options can be limited depending on where you live, but it’s almost always worth making the switch if you can find a better deal. Very few utility providers offer any kind of incentive to keep their customers loyal, so why should you stay loyal?

Consider renewable energy

It’s one of the big talking points of the last few decades. With a lot of homes switching to renewable energy, you might have been considering it yourself. While running a home entirely on solar power is going to be a lot more affordable in the long run, it’s simply not a feasible option for every home. Some don’t get enough sunlight throughout the year to become entirely dependent on it, so you’re going to need to look at options to work alongside it. This doesn’t mean that solar isn’t worth the investment, just that it isn’t the only answer to the question.

Consider natural gas

While it might not necessarily be as renewable as solar or other energies, natural gas is a highly worthwhile alternative for heating, especially when compared to oil. It’s a highly reliable and consistent source of energy, with no risk of running out and leaving you in the cold. It’s often much more affordable, as well, providing you choose the Gas Line Installation and Replacement. Installing a gas line will demand an initial investment for you, but a lot of people find that it doesn’t take too long for it to pay off that investment in terms of energy bill savings.

Know where you’re consuming the most energy

Your home likely consumes more energy than it needs to. Often, this is due to energy vampires, like leaving things plugged in and turned on when they needn’t, or leaving the lights on when you’re not in a room. However, finding the appliances that consume the most energy can help you be a lot more mindful about their use. For instance, it might be better to use your most costly appliances in off-peak times, when there isn’t as much demand for energy, so it doesn’t cost as much to use them.

Whether you change the source of your energy, be more mindful of how you use it, or even just switch up your supplier, there are plenty of ways to cut your energy bills if you know how to look.

Josie Smith
Josie Smith
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  1. February 20, 2024 / 1:55 am

    To cut your energy bills, also make sure you have your thermostat in the right spot. If it’s too close to a fireplace, in direct sunlight, or in a room that’s much cooler or warmer than the rest, it might not get a good read on your home’s overall temperature. This can make your heating or cooling system work harder than it needs to. Moving your thermostat to a place that better represents the average temperature of your home can make a big difference.

  2. April 15, 2024 / 6:13 am

    Great tips!

    Another little tip often overlooked is sealing and insulating your ductwork. If your ducts are leaky or poorly insulated, it can increase your energy bills by up to 30%. This is because heated or cooled air escapes before it reaches its destination, making your HVAC system work overtime and driving up your utility bills.

  3. April 22, 2024 / 5:21 am

    Since air conditioners use much energy compared to other home appliances and have to work long periods, every homeowner should remember to check them regularly to ensure energy-efficient operation. Poorly-maintained air conditioners can consume up to 30% more energy. Basic things you need to check are air filters, condenser coils, and coolant levels.