Aria and BabiLovLinks

“Emma!!! Why did you eat my Nerf dart again?” This is the things I have had to hear with a teething baby in the house. Emma is 5 and not eating Nerf darts, but my 15 month old Aria is. My toddler is currently going through her second stage of teething. She successfully got her front teeth at around 8 months and now the molars and everything in between have decided to make a break for it all at once. We use amber necklaces to deal with her pain but she still wants to chew on something to help her…

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5 Words to Make 2015 Work

5 Words to Make 2015 Work

I have 5 words to make 2015 work for me. Although I quit making New Year’s resolutions years ago (mostly because I couldn’t stick …
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