Our Evenflo Family-Platinum SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat

Our Evenflo Family-Platinum SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat
When it comes to baby gear I am a firm believer that it can never be “too” good. I like when my gear has bells and whistles and I don’t think twice about paying more so that I KNOW my kids are in good hands. Welcome Evenflo Family-Platinum SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat.
I am an admitted antsy passenger and car safety is so important to me so when I noticed that my youngest’s car seat was consistently having issues I started to get really upset. Harnesses are NOT supposed to be lopsided and I shouldn’t have to re-install every week to curb this problem. We were constantly late or missing appointments because we couldn’t drive with the seat malfunctioning.

I needed a solution, and fast. I did what any parent would do and looked at the seats I was already using and loving for the other 3 kids. Evenflo has been keeping my kids safe for years. You can tell by the stains and obvious wear that these seats have been well-loved and well-used. I reached out to Evenflo and let them know about my situation and I am so happy that Cyrus is now part of the Evenflo carseat crew as well.

Evenflo Platinum SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat

evenflo safemax

One thing that has impressed me with Evenflo has always been the versatility of their seats. This SafeMax™ seat is good from 5-120 lbs. This particular seat retails for $399.99 but you will only need the one seat from birth (rear-facing, forward-facing and belt-positioning booster) till whenever your child meets the requirements in your area. I have to also mention that this seat is good for 10 years so you don’t have to worry about it expiring any time soon.

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In general Evenflo does rigorous testing of their fleet of car seats that exceeds government standards. This particular seat is the first one that has been tested in a roll-over scenario and with its integrated steel frame and exclusive impact-absorbing head rest has surpassed the standards. This seat will maintain its structure and that is something that is so important especially when your car is in a serious accident.

Evenflo SafeMax

The look-I love these seats. There is something about Evenflo that talks to me and when choosing colours we chose the Marshall (blue) although it is also available in Madalyn (purple), Shiloh (silver), and Mason (red).

The FabricMade with OUTLAST® Technology it keeps your baby from sweating and helps them maintain a comfortable temperature. We have this in Aria’s seat and it does make a difference in the child’s happiness when they are not all wet.

The Cup-Holders-the fact that there is two cup holders is nice in itself but then I realized that these babies can be removed to wash and I decided that it was a fantastic perk.

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The Harness-the harnesses on the SafeMax™  is like my daughter’s  harness on her Symphony. No-rethread needed and is easily adjusted at every use. You won’t realize what a blessing it is to have a perfect fit every time unless you don’t have the option. Many seats have you taking apart the whole harness system to change the fit and I love that this one slides up and down to adjust to your growing child.

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evenflo safemax

The Harness Adjust-I appreciate the extra details like the magnetic apron that covered up the front harness adjust and recline handle. Even the little plastic tab at the end of the harness was a little extra thought that although not necessary makes it easier to grasp.

The SureSafe™ Installation-I can’t use this feature because we are still forward facing and so I am all about the seat belt. To be honest it wasn’t until I had Cyrus that I realized our car had the LATCH system in it. The Evenflo comes with guides though which makes install a breeze.

latinum SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat

The Size-I like to think that these seats are like the Lincoln’s of car seats. They are built for comfort and safety and I appreciate that. To get all of the awesome features something has to give and so these seats are BIG. My kids are chunky and tall by nature so I need a seat to accommodate them AND leave them room to breathe. That being said I have a large SUV and we currently have 3 seats in one row so they are not too enormous.

ParentLink® PREMIER Service

So we got the seat and it was sitting in my house for a few days because we were all fighting a cold and it was *gasp* snowing outside. I wanted to set everything up when it was nice out and I for sure didn’t want to be out with a blizzard happening.

Evenflo told me about a concierge service they had with these seats and of course I was confused. Then I called the number and realized that the ParentLink® PREMIER Service may be the best thing to happen to new parents or just anyone who is not used to putting in the seat. This is the extra mile that Evenflo goes and it is a game changer.

 Calling into the ParentLink® service lets you have live installation help with a carseat technician through video. This is single-handedly a service I would pay for to ensure the kids were in safely.  The service is available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and are a perfect addition if you have people other then yourself installing the seat.


ParentLink® PREMIER Service provides seat owners access to
expert safety guidance. As part of the ParentLink® PREMIER
Service, seat owners will receive the following benefits: live video
installation service, real-time chat support, a 2-year product
warranty and an extended 10 year expiration date on the
SafeMax All-in-One car seat.
You can find out more info about Evenflo and all of their seats on their website here.


I received this seat to facilitate my review and as always all opinions are my own.
Aneta Alaei
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  1. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham)
    April 18, 2016 / 6:54 am

    They have a service to help you get the seat in right? That is so cool.
    My car only has two seats in the back so I can fit big seats in.

  2. Nate
    June 18, 2016 / 6:25 pm

    very nice seat

  3. kathy downey
    June 23, 2016 / 10:39 am

    thats such a nice seat and will direct my daughter in their direction because she will soon be in the market for one.great review thanks

  4. Cassandra M
    November 8, 2017 / 12:38 am

    I am curious how you feel about the seat now?