5 Ways To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

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Moving is not easy; uprooting your settled life from a familiar place and venturing into an unknown territory makes it even more challenging. 

The change can be driven by a desire to seek a new job or educational opportunities. Or it can be motivated by the unbearable housing costs if you live in places like Fort Lauderdale. 

However, the emotional implications of relocation can exhaust you more than the physical labor involved. Leaving behind familiar streets and faces makes you nostalgic. As you step into your new life, there is a natural inclination to compare your new life with the one you left behind and find similarities. 

The aroma of your favorite food or the scent of familiar flowers can remind you of your previous garden. For days or even weeks, you may feel that a sense of strangeness lingers in the air, making you crave the comfort of your old house. 

Acclimating to the atmosphere of your new house and surroundings is a gradual process, so there is no need to rush. However, some ways to help your new house feel like home are mentioned below. 

Think of the reason that motivated you for this move

Creating a sense of belongingness with your current home is an emotional process. However, you can tackle that by embracing your transition to a new place as a necessary evil and focusing on the practical reasons for moving. If you move from a city like Fort Lauderdale, where the living cost is 21% higher than the state average (source: RentCafe), to a more affordable city, consider its effects on your lifestyle. You will have more money to spend on other things. 

Also, if you are moving out of the country, consider the best Fort Lauderdale international movers for relocating your belongings across long distances. Reputable long-distance movers have professional packers who can pack your belongings efficiently, safeguarding them from any damage during transit, which can save you money on repairs.

So, when you start observing the effects of your move on your living style, you might be more open to accepting your move and reconciling with your new surroundings.

Decorate your house with familiar items

It takes time to adjust to your new belongings, but the process can become easier if you surround yourself with familiar items, such as those you had in your previous house. This approach infuses your home with a touch of your personality and comfort. 

You can decorate your house with items with emotional significance, such as your old toys, family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, or gifts from loved ones. 

Furthermore, hang your favorite art pieces and wall hangings on the walls strategically so that you can look at them as you carry out your household chores. Seeing familiar faces and scenes on the walls will make your house’ atmosphere soothing. Plus, it helps you keep your cherished memories alive. 

Get to know your neighbors

Reaching out, establishing connections, and taking an interest in the local culture is another way to make your new house feel like home. 

Engaging with your neighbors and introducing yourself is like taking the first step toward establishing a connection. 

You can also accept kind offers of help. For instance, instead of saying no to your neighbors’ requests, like receiving assistance with moving heavy furniture, or helping with gardening, accept their help with open arms. It can be a great way to initiate conversations and shows your willingness to connect with them. 

You can also organize a casual meet-and-greet party to know who lives on both sides of your house and across the street. Such a gathering is a great way to break the ice and share a few laughs to build the foundation of lasting relationships. Over time, people who once felt unfamiliar start claiming a spot in your heart and mind. 

In addition, you can contribute to community events, such as joining others for the clean-up day or supporting a local charity event. These participations demonstrate your willingness to keep your neighborhood maintained. 

Use the power of scents and aromas

The power of scents and aromas transcends merely decorating your house with familiar items. Familiar scents have an extraordinary ability to evoke memories and emotions and establish familiarity. When used correctly, scent can make your new and unfamiliar house feel like home by transforming its ambiance. 

You can use perfumed candles, essential oils, or potpourri with fragrances that remind you of your home. Vanilla, cinnamon, or baked goods provoke comfort, warmth, and interest. 

If you are fond of flowers, decorate your vases with fresh flowers that remind you of cherished memories from your past. For instance, you can use flowers that you used to find in your childhood garden. 

The aroma of familiar food can also do miracles for transforming an unfamiliar territory into a space you can connect to. So try cooking food that you enjoyed cooking in your previous house or that your family used to cook in your childhood. Cooking familiar food is a great way to transport yourself back in time and feel a connection between your present and past. 

Another way to infuse familiarity into your new environment is by spraying a few pumps of your favorite perfume or cologne in various parts of the house. This way, along with your bedroom, the rest of the house will feel like an extension of your personal space. 

Use warm and inviting lights in your house 

After reaching your new house, you must unpack and arrange your belongings to find the items needed to go through your day. However, it is the interplay of warm and inviting light that makes your house truly interesting and special. Lighting is not just about turning on switches and eliminating darkness from a place; it’s about creating an ambiance that feels welcoming at the end of a hectic day. 

Lights from various sources, such as lamps, bulbs, and chandeliers, make everything seem nice and cozy. They can set your mood. Just like putting your favorite items, such as a beloved chair or cozy blanket, adds your personality to the house. Light also plays a huge role in making a place feel personal and homey. 

For instance, you can decorate your new reading area with your favorite reading lamp or hang small lights on the patio as in your previous house. This way, familiar lighting and arrangement can bring back memories, developing your association with the new home. 


Moving to a new place accompanies a lot of feelings, but the most prominent of all is a feeling of disconnection and unfamiliarity with your new house. For many, this feeling is unsettling as they crave their familiar surroundings. However, this feeling can be dispelled by making changes, such as those above, in your new house that makes it look like your home. Steps like decorating your new house with familiar items, using lights strategically, and connecting with neighbors, make it easier for you to accept your relocation.

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