5 Things To Do When Your Home Smells Bad

5 Things To Do When Your Home Smells Bad

Something doesn’t smell right in your home. It could be anything, from spoiled food to mold in the bathroom. Beyond the obvious irritation of an odd smell permeating your living space, it could be the first signal of a bigger problem. Here are five things to do when your home smells bad. Take the time to implement these steps, and don’t hesitate to contact a professional if they don’t solve the problem.

Do Some Detective Work

Obviously, the first thing to do is track down the source of the smell. This should be easy enough to do. The smell will become more concentrated in a certain area and is often immediately identifiable as a familiar bad odor. Rotting fruit in the kitchen, disposed hygiene products in the bathroom, and moist laundry in the bedroom are examples. Of course, the smell’s location and odor may sometimes be elusive. Think outside the box. It could be coming from inside the walls. It may also be the filters on a device like a mini split unit that smell bad. Once located, dispose of or appropriately clean the source.

Do a Deep Clean

If getting rid of the apparent source of the odor doesn’t entirely take care of the smell, do a deep clean. Sometimes residual smells remain because the source has left traces of itself behind. Break out the sponges, scrubbers, and pleasant-smelling cleaners. Then, really go to work on the floorboards, walls, and any other things that were in contact with the source.

Let In Sunlight and Fresh Air

Two of the best ways to eliminate odors is to expose the entire room to fresh air and sunlight. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant that kills certain germs, mold, and more. Of course, fresh air blows through the house and takes away odors. While nothing beats a good cleaning and disinfecting, you should make sure sunlight and fresh air are part of your deodorizing process, even in the coldest weather.

Incorporate Natural Odor Absorbers

Cleaning products are great, but too many can create new, literal headaches for you. Baking soda is a great all-purpose deodorizer that can freshen up a space by absorbing grease, oils, acids, and other things that can cause odors. Pour baking soda down a stinky garbage disposer or across a smelly carpet. You can also leave an open box in the refrigerator.

Call the Professionals

Here’s the last of our five things to do when your home smells bad. Some odors signify a much more serious problem than smelliness. Rotten egg odors can mean a gas leak. Call your local gas supplier, leave the house, and wait for them to test for a leak. Excessive musty smells may signify a mold problem in the walls or the basement. Again, call a professional to find the source and offer solutions for eliminating this potential health and safety hazard.

Simone Davis
Simone Davis
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