10 Tips to Make Your Home Less High-Maintenance

10 Tips to Make Your Home Less High-Maintenance

Most of us like to kick back in a home that is cozy, clean, and clutter-free., but what we do not like so much is all of the time and effort that goes into getting it that way! Well, you know what? Maybe you don’t have to spend so much time on maintaining your home after all, as you will see below…

1. Wooden Flooring Because Carpets are Drama Queens

Let’s start with the ground up – literally. Wooden flooring, from your local flooring company, isn’t just stylish; it’s also about as low-maintenance as it gets. Spills? Easy wipe. Pet hair? Quick sweep. It’s the flooring equivalent of that friend who’s ready to go out in five minutes and still looks fabulous.

2. Quality Paint

Your Walls Will Thank You: Invest in high-quality, washable paint. It’s like giving your walls a superhero cape against scuffs, marks, and that mysterious handprint that appeared out of nowhere. Plus, it means fewer repaint jobs and more time binge-watching your favorite series.

3. Declutter Like It’s Going Out of Fashion

Embrace minimalism. Fewer things mean less to clean, less to trip over, and less to mysteriously disappear when you need them most. It’s like your home is breathing a sigh of relief.

4. Go Hardy with Houseplants

Choose low-maintenance houseplants. I’m talking succulents, spider plants, or anything that won’t take it personally if you forget to water it for a week (or three). They’re the chill housemates you always wanted.

5. Smart Storage Solutions: Hide the Chaos

Invest in smart storage solutions. Ottomans that double as storage, beds with drawers, and floating shelves aren’t just trendy; they’re practical. It’s like playing hide and seek with your stuff, but in a grown-up, sophisticated way.

6. The Magic of Microfiber Cloths

Buy microfiber cloths. These bad boys can clean almost anything and make dusting less of a chore and more of a magic trick. Abracadabra, the dust is gone!

7. Embrace the Dark Side (of Fabrics)

Choose darker fabrics for upholstery. They’re more forgiving when it comes to stains, spills, and the mysterious art your kids decided to create with their snacks. It’s like having a secret weapon in the war against mess.

8. Smart Tech: Let the Robots Do It

Consider smart home technology. Robotic vacuums and smart thermostats aren’t just cool gadgets; they’re the lazy person’s dream. The future is now, and it involves robots cleaning your house while you nap.

9. Easy-Clean Bathroom Fixtures

In the bathroom, go for easy-clean fixtures. Think taps that don’t show water spots and shower doors that resist soap scum. It’s like your bathroom’s taking care of itself – now if only it could refill the toilet paper.

10. Say No to High-Maintenance Pets

Last but not least, if you’re thinking about a pet, consider the less high-maintenance options. A goldfish might not fetch your slippers, but it also won’t shed on your sofa or require hourly walks.

A low-maintenance home life is totally possible if you simply take the time to implement these tips, so why wouldn’t you?

Josie Smith
Josie Smith
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