What To Gift A Friend Waiting To Be A Mother

What To Gift A Friend Waiting To Be A Mother

If you are someone that has a friend who is soon going to be a mother, you might be thinking of great ideas for presents. 

It is a nice feeling to gift someone that is expecting a baby. If you are stuck for ideas, here are some to help.


Money might seem like a strange present for a friend. But, it is usual if you do not know what to get someone. Money can help them in all kinds of ways and ensure they have enough to cover what they need to buy. 

Furthermore, you could make donations to places that help women dealing with unplanned pregnancies. 

Donate to help women with unplanned pregnancies so you can help them financially. If a mother was not prepared for the baby, they might not have the savings behind them to buy baby necessities. Therefore, a small donation can assist them in buying what they need for the arrival of the baby

Pamper baskets

You could create your own exquisite gift baskets, full of presents for the baby or gifts for the mother. If the mother is having a tough time during pregnancy, a hamper basket full of pamper treats could be a great idea. It will give you the opportunity to help pamper your friend and give your friend motivation to take more care of themselves.

If you wish to fill it with treats for the baby’s arrival, you could add baby food, toys, clothes, and more. You will know what your friend needs and filling a basket full of goodies will make their lives so much easier when the baby arrives, as they will need to buy less.

Experience gifts

If you do not wish to buy the mother a physical gift, you could consider buying them an experience. 

You could buy them a pamper day, which they can use to relax and enjoy personal time. Or, you could buy them a day out for when the baby arrives. For instance, you could purchase tickets for a day at the zoo so they can take the baby. An experience is a great way to ensure they have fun before and/or after the baby arrives. 

Babysitting vouchers

The mother might not make enough time for themselves after the baby arrives. To ensure they do, you could offer them babysitting vouchers as their gift. 

This will encourage them to ask for help and ensure they have downtime when they need it. Plus, it will help them understand you are there to help and care for the baby whenever they need it. 

Comfort clothes

Comfort clothes are a nice idea for the mother so they can relax more at home wearing things that make them feel good yet comfortable. Leggings, loose tops, and jumpsuits are great ideas for post-baby. 

Coffee or wine

A great idea for gifting your mummy friend is coffee or wine, which is needed after the baby arrives.

They might need a pickup of some kind and you will know what they like, so you can treat them to the luxury stuff.

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