Tips For Remodelling Your Bathroom

Tips For Remodelling Your Bathroom

Are you looking to give your bathroom a complete revamp but don’t know where to start? Remodeling a bathroom may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right tips and techniques, you can achieve any look that suits your vision while remaining within budget.

Luckily, Raleigh has a 4% lower than the national average cost of living. It means renovating a bathroom in Raleigh will cost you less than it would in other parts of the country.

But how to get it right?

Whether you are hoping for a modern makeover or something more traditional, we have some tried-and-true remodeling tips that will help bring life back into any tired space.

Create a Budget:

The most important factor of any washroom remodel project is to create and stick to a spending plan. Knowing the amount you can spend will assist you in staying focused on the design plan and avoid overspending during the remodel project.

Before starting your project, research the expense of materials and labor in your area. Search for ways to reduce expenses without compromising on quality.

In Raleigh, the average restroom rebuilding cost is $7,010 to $40,900, and it is important to hire an expert. They will provide you with an idea of your project’s expense and encourage you on the best materials to utilize. So, make sure to work with a reliable bathroom remodeling company in Raleigh for yourproject.

Choose the Type of Bathroom:

You really need to decide what sort of bathroom you want. This will help you decide the size and shape of your space, as well as the type of fixtures you’ll require. A modern bathroom might require bigger fixtures and a large vanity. Traditional washrooms frequently require smaller, more delicate pieces with detailed designs. Consider how much space is required for your lifestyle before focusing on a specific design.

Additionally, sketch the design of your washroom. It will assist you with choosing where all fixtures and other elements should be placed. You can likewise attempt different colors and materials to see which one fits best with your style.

Decide Whether You Want a Bathtub:

The bathtub is a central component of any bathroom. Generally, there are two options you can consider: a stand-alone tub or an integrated shower/tub combo. A stand-alone shower will occupy more room and need extra fixtures for its installation.

On the other hand, an integrated combination will provide a more restricted space within the restroom yet save money on labor and materials. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages; assess them to choose which one best fits your lifestyle.

Add Wall-Mounted Features:

Using wall-mounted fixtures can help in making your bathroom feel more spacious. Besides, it will provide the restroom with a contemporary appeal. Items such as vanities, toilet holders, and shelves can all be wall-mounted without occupying much room on the floor.

You should also consider installing frameless shower doors or glass block walls for privacy to increase the space. Additionally, add a heated floor for extra comfort during the colder months or incorporate lighting fixtures for a luxurious feel.

Installed Heated Floor:

Installed heated floors can be a great addition to your bathroom and give it that extra touch of luxury. It will help keep you warm in those cold winter months, making your bathing experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

Underfloor heating is one of the best alternatives for keeping warmth in a washroom. To install an underfloor heating system, you first need to know what type of floor is present in your restroom. If your bathroom is tiled, the installation process will be easier and more cost-effective because the heating wire can be embedded beneath the tiles.

Consider Lighting:

Lighting plays a crucial role in any restroom redesign project. It is not just about aesthetics but also safety and comfort. Natural light is always the ideal decision for restrooms if possible. If you need artificial lighting, keep it as bright as possible without being too glaring. You can utilize wall-mounted lights, recessed lights on the roof, or under-cabinet lighting for a smart touch.

Additionally, make sure to utilize dimmers and timers to accommodate the changing requirements of your bathroom. Dimmers are useful, assuming you need to adjust the intensity depending on the time of day, while timers can assist you in conserving energy by switching out lights when they are not being used.

Choose the Durable Bathroom Materials:

While renovating your washroom, you need to utilize materials that are not difficult to keep up with and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with daily use.

Tiles are an amazing option for flooring as they come in various styles, colors, sizes, and textures. They’re likewise water-resistant and can be effortlessly cleaned. For walls, pick water-resistant paint or tile, which will last longer than regular paint.

Fixtures such as taps and faucets ought to be picked with care. Search for fixtures that are made from stainless steel and brass, as they’re more durable and can resist rusting or staining.

Add Plants for Living Color:

Adding plants to your restroom is a fantastic way to enliven the space. An indoor plant can bring the outdoors inside and will infuse some life and color into the room. Houseplants require little maintenance but still provide all of the benefits of nature, including improved air quality and a calming atmosphere.

Make sure to choose houseplants that are going to thrive in the conditions of your bathroom. Plants that don’t require direct sunlight and can handle moist air, such as ferns, ivy, and spider plants, are great options for a bathroom.


All in all, remodeling your bathroom can be a time-consuming but rewarding endeavor. Whether you tackle it yourself or hire professionals, there is always an impactful and beneficial outcome from the process. Now that you’re armed with greater insight into what goes into a bathroom renovation project, you are ready to start creating the perfect space for your needs.

Think creative designs, innovative products, and most important of all, make sure you love it! Bathroom remodels can add resale value to your home, so don’t forget to add those details that will take it up a notch. Take the plunge today and start investing in transforming your bathroom into the future oasis of relaxation you deserve!

Josie Smith
Josie Smith
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