Tips For Lightening Your Load In The Home

Tips For Lightening Your Load In The Home

Do you ever feel like there is just not enough time in your day to get what you need to do, done? Or that every week you haven’t done everything you wanted? Combining work and children is no mean feat – each one is a full-time job! Then add on the daily main meals, lunches, working out, school runs, and more – it is a lot. 

However, even superheroes need a little help from time to time – here are a couple of times that might be able to help you manage your weeks and lighten up your weekly load. 

Alone time

No matter how much you love your children and your job and that you will ‘keep on trucking,’ you need time alone. The problem can come from – you wanting to spend as much time with the children as you can outside of work. If you have a partner, come to an agreement that you will both get some alone time each week. 

Alone time can be used to decompress a little bit, work out, sleep, read, or do anything else that fills you up. 

It is vital that you get some moments of calm and peace so that you can recharge and be the best version of yourself. 


Outsourcing isn’t just for business; it can make a huge difference in how you deal with your everyday life. If anything on your to-do list that you don’t love or takes away from time you would rather spend elsewhere – look for a service that will do it for you. 

For example, if you just don’t love going grocery shopping – get them delivered! That goes from pretty much anything that you don’t want to do. For cleaning, hire a cleaner like https://highlandparkhousekeeping.com/plano-housekeeping/, or for taking the hassle out of thinking about what to make in terms of meals, then check out one of the many different meal delivery options. 


For those who live in a more traditional household, one person might be working while the other takes care of the home and the children. However, since everyone lives in the home, they all use the furniture, wear the clothes that go into the wash, and more. 

And, it’s not just about helping the main homemaker with what they do – having the family help will give them a new level of respect for their surroundings and learn the skills they need going forward in their own lives as they grow. 

Multi-purpose meals 

If you love cooking and meal planning, you can make it less complicated and start thinking about making your food work harder for you. Multi-purpose meals sound more complicated than they are. When you make something like pasta or stew, start making enough to last for two days. Or thicken up the second-day stew, and turn it into a pie. 

Any roast meats from the weekend can work brilliantly for soups and wraps. Start a meal plan in a way that means you can stretch them across multiple days. 


No should become one of the most important words in your vocabulary. No, I can’t do that. No, I don’t want that. For many of us, saying yes seems to come out thick and fast – even when you have more than enough to do. So next time you hear something, you don’t want to but feel like you’re about to say yes, stop! 

Catch it, and consider the questions a bit more. Then decide if you really have time, or are you just saying yes because it is easier?


When your mind is full, then you are going to feel overwhelmed pretty quickly. We consume so much media through our phones we might not realize how much we are overloading ourselves. Since almost everything is on an app or via mobile, it can be tough to manage. Sure, you might have brought in the most comfortable lap desk for laptop use and have nailed your excellent remote work schedule, but you also deserve to relax and be screen-free now and again.

Taking time away from devices can give you a little calm and peace. While it won’t directly lighten your to-do list, it will lighten your mental load – which can have a huge impact.


Do you really have a lot of things to do? Or are they just disorganized thoughts swirling around your mind? Sometimes when we cannot get our thoughts correctly organized, we can feel like we have a lot more to do than we really do. Not only that but without writing down your list, you might keep going between the tasks – and not getting things done. 

Often tasks take much less time than you might think! 

Start making a short list of what really needs to be done. 

Are you ready to see a huge difference in how much time and energy you spend? Check out this for more tips: The Ultimate Guide to Staying Sane: Tips for Staying Organized as a Busy Parent

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Tips For Lightening Your Load In The Home
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