Kids Sleep Routine Tips + Bedtime Chart

Kids Sleep Routine Tips + Bedtime Chart

Bedtime has always been one of my favourite times of the day. Not only because it means I can finally get some alone time after to regroup and recharge but because I enjoy laying down with the kids to put them to sleep. That being said it’s also been harder to do with all four kids now that the age gap between the four becomes more apparent. Hopefully, these kids sleep routine tips + bedtime chart will help you out as much as they have me.

Kids Sleep Routine Tips + Bedtime Chart

Kids Need Sleep

One thing I have learned from my four kids is that even if they all go to bed at the exact same time they will all awake at completely different times in order to get enough sleep. You see how I said enough?

The general rule of thumb though is that children aged 3 to 5 need about 10-13 hours of sleep every 24 hours (including naps) and those aged 6-12 need from 9-12 hours of sleep every 24 hours.

When my kids get enough sleep I can not only see it in their behaviour but they also do better in school and keeping active and healthy. I aim to keep them well rested at all times so that we all benefit.

Kids Sleep Routine Tips

Set a Routine. Starting a bedtime routine when the kids are young is a great way to make sure bedtime is easy for years to come. If you find yourself with kids in school and no set routine in place it is never too late to start. Making a routine that includes items like bath time, teeth brushing, story time and prayers (if you pray) will help children know when it is time to settle down. You can also check out our post for a printable kids bedtime routine checklist here.

Turn Off Tech. At least an hour before bedtime turn off all technology so that little (and big) minds can stop being stimulated.

Read. Read your children a book (or 5). We are trying to get into the habit of having our two older children read to our two younger children. Everyone benefits from this setup.

Connect. I find that the kids are always very eager to talk about their day during bedtime — anything to prolong bedtime, am I right? Use this time to catch up with your kids about what is going on with them.

Bedtime Chart for Kids

I made this bedtime chart for kids to share with you. This chart is in no way set in stone and each child and family will have a routine that works for them.

I know some parents opt for later bedtimes so that they can spend some quality time with their kids after work and after-school activities. That is totally fine. Some kids just won’t fall asleep at an earlier bedtime for whatever reason and there is no shame in letting them stay up till later to make the bedtime routine easier.

This is only a guideline for those who are looking for it.

Do you have any tips or tricks that I may have missed? Share as a comment below to help our other readers out!

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  1. Erin N
    March 19, 2019 / 4:38 pm

    This is a great guide for bed times! Thank you 🙂