Seven Frugal Food Ideas for the Family

Seven Frugal Food Ideas for the Family

Families are all very different, but there is one thing most of them have in common, the desire to eat healthy food while balancing the books of the home economy. Below you can find a range of meal options that do just that. These meals can be store-bought or made cheaply in the kitchen.  

Vegetable Ragu 

Ragu is a blend of vegetables made into tomato sauce. Not only is it cheap and cheerful, but it is also healthy and delicious. Families can buy vegetable ragu in the shops, but they can also make it from fresh veggies at home if they want to save some money and use fresh vegetables.  

When you search for ragu online or in the shops, you will find a lot of meat-based versions – this is ragu in its classic form – but it’s not the only way you can enjoy this fancy frugal favourite. If you are making it yourself, you need a blender to grind up carrots, celery, peppers, and tomatoes.   

Curry and Rice 

Curry and rice might be a fashionable favourite in cosmopolitan cities around the world, but that doesn’t change the fact it was and still is, a popular frugal meal in the Indian sub-continent. Curry and rice are flavoursome, healthy, and, most importantly, frugal when it comes to shopping. 

There are plenty of curry options to choose from. Find Madras curry, Korma curry, Vindaloo, Saag curry, Tikka Masala, Jalfrezi, and more. Curry can be made using meat-based filling like chicken and beef or plant-based alternatives like tofu. Curry is excellent any day of the week.     

Stir Fry and Noodles 

If you need a cheap and cheerful meal for any day of the week that is accessible and affordable, you will find stir-fry and noodles to be an excellent option. Not only is stir-fry and noodles delicious, but it is also healthy and affordable. This meal can be frozen and stored for later on. 

Sometimes, you can grab a bargain at the supermarket and get a three-for-one option that saves you money and gives you another option for your family meals. If you have a vegan at home, you need to remember that noodles are made from eggs, but some are made from rice.    

Green Pesto Pasta 

If you need something tasty to serve to the family at short notice, it makes sense to turn to a pasta recipe. A pasta lunch can be put together in a matter of minutes, and you can always fill it out with meat or tofu, depending on your diet. Still, you will also need something to flavour it with.  

Pesto is an excellent option. Pesto is a multi-purpose sauce that is excellent to have in your fridge, especially if you need something convenient to reach for in a pinch. Pesto makes the perfect pasta sauce and suits any occasion. Add a little cheese to thicken it up and improve it.   

Lovely Bread 

It’s a cliche that bread is a frugal food, but in reality, there is no better thing to turn to when you need something wholesome to eat for less. Of course, you can buy an assortment of bread in the local supermarket, perfect for toasties and breakfast meals, but you can also oven-bake it. 

Bread is easy to make when you know how; even special bread like sourdough can be professionally made in your home kitchen. Try this sourdough bread recipe from PreppyKitchen and save money on some staples for your family. All you need is a few basic ingredients.  

Mac and Cheese 

Again, pasta makes one of the simplest and best meals for any day of the week; it can also be made a little special by adding some bacon, fakon, or sriracha sauce. Learn how to make delicious mac and cheese, and you will always have a reliable meal to make for your family. 

Mac and cheese are made from two basic components, boiled pasta, and cheesy sauce. There are dozens of mac and cheese recipes to be found online, but they are not all alike. Feel free to experiment with different recipes until you find one that hits the spot for you and your family.      

Soups and Stews 

No matter what time of year it is or what state the economy is in soups and stews are an excellent option. Not only are soups and stews delicious and simple to make, but they are also very cheap and always in season. Soup and stews make the perfect frugal recipe for the family. 

Soups and stews are incredibly versatile and can be made with almost any combination of ingredients you have on hand. Start with a base of onions, garlic, and broth, and then add in your choice of vegetables, beans, and proteins. You can also add grains like rice or quinoa to make it heartier and more filling.

One great thing about soups and stews is that they can be made in large batches and frozen for later. This is a great way to save money and time, as you can make a big pot of soup or stew on the weekend and have it for lunch or dinner throughout the week.

Some classic soup and stew recipes include chicken noodle soup, vegetable soup, chilli, beef stew, and minestrone. You can also experiment with different spices and herbs to change up the flavours and add some variety to your meals.

In conclusion, there are plenty of frugal and healthy meal options for families to choose from. Whether you prefer pasta, curry, stir-fry, or soup, there is a recipe out there that will fit your taste and budget. By being creative in the kitchen and using simple, whole ingredients, you can feed your family well without breaking the bank.

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Seven Frugal Food Ideas for the Family

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