FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks: Preparing for Drop-Ins

Allergen-Friendly Snacks

This post is in partnership with FreeYumm Snacks. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

School is almost done, and our kids are all signed up for summer camp. I know that in a few short weeks our doors will start revolving in an almost constant manner, bringing in neighbourhood kids looking to cool off from the hot summer sun and get some snacks in between meals. Always on hand at our house are a wide selection of FreeYumm treats to keep their tummies full — at least until they migrate to the next house.

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Being Prepared for Special Dietary Needs is Easy with FreeYumm

Whenever we get new kids in our house, one of the first things out of my mouth is “do you have allergies?” Being aware of someone’s dietary needs and their aversions makes it easier for me to rest easy. Plus, I like to think that I am well prepared for those special friends who may have allergies.

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Having FreeYumm treats on hand means I can safely offer neighbourhood kids treats that are free of the Big 8+ major food allergens without having to sacrifice on flavour. These Non-GMO Project Verified treats are school (and summer camp) friendly and are the perfect treat on-the-go.

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Buying treats that are allergen-friendly is a no-brainer for me. I want to offer my kids the same snacks as I offer their friends and these FreeYumm snacks are full of great REAL ingredients that make me feel good offering them. Say goodbye to starchy fillers, corn syrup and refined sugars and hello to natural sweeteners, simple and clean ingredients that are straight up delicious.

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

What Makes FreeYumm Snacks Special?

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Everything! This mom-owned Canadian Business is passionate about celebrating yummy foods that are potentially accessible to 99% of people. Made in their own dedicated bakery, the 5 individually wrapped bars or 7 individually wrapped cookies per box are also labelled with portion control sizes and an ingredient list that you can actually read (and understand). Star ingredients like whole oats, chocolate chips, bananas and raspberries are beautifully mixed with simple foods like ground flax, chia seeds, and freeze-dried fruits to make wholesome goodies. Natural sweeteners like maple syrup and organic honey will make you feel better about the snacks you’re handing out. As moms we should take all the wins we can get, and the FreeYumm Snacks are a huge win.

The Whole FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks Line-Up

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

The Whole FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Line-Up offers lots of flavours to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. I know that you will find a new fave somewhere below.

Honey Apple Oat Bars
A delicious combination of whole grain rolled oats, apples, sunflower seeds, vanilla and cinnamon blended with pure maple syrup and honey.

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Blueberry Oat Bars
Plain and simple, that’s the point of the Blueberry Oat Bars. They are super yummy while keeping the ingredient list as uncomplicated as possible.

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Raspberry Chia Bars
Raspberry and chia! It tastes like it sounds… Sweet and tangy raspberries (freeze dried for maximum flavour and nutrients) are mixed with whole oats and splashed with honey.

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Chocolate Chip Oat Bars
There is a reason why Chocolate Chip bars are so popular with the kids… because they’re awesome! FreeYumm added flax, honey, and sunflower seeds in there to make sure these bars deliver more than smiles.

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Double Chocolate Cookies
There is only one thing better than a chocolate chip cookie… And that’s a double chocolate cookie! Made with whole oats, organic coconut palm sugar and ethically/sustainably produced natural cocoa and chocolate chips. Yumm!

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Ginger Cookies
They wanted to call these cookies Ginger Snaps. But the problem is that they don’t snap. Instead, they are a lovely, soft and gingery mouthful with a hint of molasses.

Banana Maple Cookies
Banana what? … Banana MAPLE?!! They don’t use banana flavouring (blech). They don’t use maple flavoring (yucky). FreeYumm uses real bananas and pure maple syrup. Oh ya!

FreeYumm Allergen-Friendly Snacks

Purchasing FreeYumm

If you are looking to stock up on FreeYumm’s selection of goodies, they can be found in select retailers. You can also purchase online at Amazon.com (promo code FYIP2020 for 20% off) and Well.ca (promo code is FreeYummJune for 20% off).

If you are in Toronto and surrounding areas these delicious treats can be found at these locations. Feel free to check their store locator to find one near you:

City Market
No Frills
Big Carrot
Goodness Me
Summerhill Market
Nature’s Emporium
Garden Foods
Coppa’s Fresh Market

To learn more about FreeYumm head on over to their website and become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.

$50 Snack Pack


This post is in partnership with FreeYumm Snacks. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
Aneta Alaei
Aneta Alaei

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    June 8, 2018 / 1:54 pm

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