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First Day Of Spring Brings A New Year For Us #NowruzMobarak

go Today is the first day of Spring and since my husband is Iranian we celebrate the New Year today. This is by far one of my favourite celebrations that I have adapted from his culture and each year I try to get more and more thorough with the decorations. Since…

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Lampe Berger Is A Lifestyle Choice #LampeBergerBA

watch Lampe Berger is a lifestyle choice for me, one that I believe in and use daily. Every morning my routine is set. I brush my teeth, get the toddler some breakfast and start to clean. First thing…light my Lampe. Not only is it a great décor piece for my home,… View Post

Our LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Adventure

dove acquistare levitra originale 20 mg in italia We went to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre this week so that we could have one last adventure as a family of 5. March Break may only be a week but a week is a long time to be stuck at home when you are a kid so we packed our bunch…

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My Emma The Runner #JoovyCabooseTooUltralight #Review

cialis on sale My Emma is a runner. When I say “bye” and turn to leave she does the same. Other children would be running to their parents and her she has always been running away. When she was 3 we signed her up for ballet and were so excited to go get…

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Taking A Bite Out of Dry Skin & Dirt #GarnierSensitive

see url Alligator is something that should describe a pair of shoes, purse* or name my kids toys and not your skin, but it is what I had. With Toronto’s extra long winter, my pregnancy draining me of all possible moisture and nutrients, and my thyroid just sucking up what little was…

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