Maplelea Girl: All She Wants For Christmas

Maplelea Girls
When I was a little girl I had an obsession with Water Babies. Do you remember them? They were dolls you filled up with water that wiggled and giggled like “real” babies. 
Fast forward 18 years and I see my daughter Emma has a similar obsession. Where I scoured flyers she is scouring Youtube and the Internet.
She is that kid that absorbs information like a sponge and is so eager to share. Some days when I am laying  in bed with her trying to put her to sleep I find myself falling asleep to her voice telling me about all of her interests. She rubs my hair and speaks softly and before I know it I am in a deep sleep. Wouldn’t change these moments for the world.
 Maplelea Girls
For months now she was been all about Maplelea Girls. She watches unboxing videos, doll birthday parties and scours the site looking at all the dolls and accessories.
She tells me about the dolls and where they live. She is exposed to Canadian culture and sees just how different the different regions of our beautiful country are. With a country as multicultural as Canada I still want her to see how the looks and activities differ. She gets to see this through the Maplelea collection and I am glad she’s interested in something that will help her explore her home country.
While I’m making dinner I am also hearing about matching girl & doll pyjamas and this Christmas we were going to get her her first doll. 
But she got Christmas early when Maplelea Girls sent her Léonie last week. I made her wear a scarf over her eyes while she opened her surprise and her reaction was priceless.

Maplelea Girls and Friends

There are 7 Maplealea Girls and 27 more Friends so that your child can find one that is to their liking. Emma fell in love with Léonie because she was blond but I can think of a Friend (or 2) to add to Emma’s collection that will be similar in looks to my little girl. These dolls are meant for girls 6+ as they are QUALITY dolls. They are made in the true likeness of a 10-11 girl with articulating limbs and eyes that open and close. You want your child to be able to take care of them well although I do know a 4 year old girl who takes exceptional care of her doll.
maplelea girls
Each doll comes with an outfit and 64-page journal that outlines her background and lets their new owners also document their own adventures. With questions and prompts you can bet there is hours of fun AND learning ahead.
I think one of my favourite features is the Doll Spa. With a high quality doll you will want your child to take care of it but life happens. Whether it be a dog, toddler or accident the dolls may need a spa day. You can send in the doll and get a replacement for a fraction of the price. The doll comes back in a spa robe and slippers with her journal outlining her experience.
Even this close to the holidays Maplelea still offers shipping in major cities in Canada before Christmas. To see the last day to order in your are click here.
If you are lucky enough to be in the GTA you can attend the Maplelea Girl Seasonal Shop at Promenade Mall open until January 2016. With VERY inexpensive ($5) activities happening most weekends and some weekdays you could really give your daughter or son a great experience. The shop also includes all of the dolls and accessories so you can see them in person before you purchase.
Make sure to connect with Maplelea Girls on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter. Head on over to their site and order a doll for the special girl in your life here.
PS. Through the magic of social networks and a girlfriend on Facebook we managed to get a TON of Maplelea Girl furniture, clothes and even Boulder the dog that her daughters had outgrown. Emma will get to open up a huge box of these things for Christmas instead. She thinks she is getting a couple of outfits from Santa 😉

Aneta Alaei
Aneta Alaei

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  1. Treen Goodwin
    January 30, 2016 / 10:16 am

    The Maplelea dolls are so cute , i want one for myself lol , i have always loved dolls , thanks for sharing !