Pay Before You Pump: Making Ontario Safer

pay before you pump
This post is in partnership with Husky. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

Each time I hear about gas-and-dash on the news I wonder why we don’t have to pre-pay in Ontario.  It seems like such an easy way to keep everyone safe and end the senseless crime. Now Husky is one of the first gas companies to introduce mandatory Pay Before You Pump in Ontario and hopefully other gas stations follow suit. 

pay before you pump

Why the Pay Before You Pump Movement is Important

Paying before you pump your gas takes no extra time and may end up saving you money, plus it is safer for everyone. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to the gas station and intended to put in $20 dollars worth of gas only to get distracted with telling the kids to behave in the back and going over. If you pre-pay you will get the exact amount of gas without even thinking twice about it. 

pay before you pump

Plus, when you pay first you can just get in your can and continue to your destination. It’s not taking more time just doing what you are used to doing in a different order. 

The biggest perk of prepaying for your gas thought is the safety benefits for everyone. 

Safety Benefits of Pay Before You Pump

If someone decides to do the dreaded gas-and-dash they put so many people in harm’s way. The employee will no doubt try to run after the criminal and try to stop them (Husky attendants are told not to run after a vehicle). Who knows if the driver has a weapon they will use? What if the car they are driving frantically to get away from the scene of the crime will now become the weapon?

pay before you pump

Police will no doubt be dispatched to try to apprehend the criminal, in some cases having to use spike belts to apprehend them. From the moment someone decides to steal gas anyone that comes in their way is at risk for their safety. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Since 2008 when B.C. implemented a province-wide legislation to make pre-paying for fuel mandatory the amount of gas-and-dash related deaths has gone down to ZERO. Here’s to hoping we can bring that same simple changes to Ontario to ensure everyone stays safe. 

Visit Your Local Husky Gas Station to Support the Movement

pay before you pump

This is not a new initiative for Husky as they have been requiring customers to pre-pay for gas throughout the country since Fall of 2017. They have been putting their employees, customers, and community members safety first since then and next time you are asked to pre-pay for gas remind yourself that it’s easier and safer this way.

To find your local Husky station check out their website here

This post is in partnership with Husky. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
Aneta Alaei
Aneta Alaei

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  1. Erin N
    June 22, 2018 / 4:39 pm

    I live in BC and I didn’t even realize Pay before your Pump was mandantory, lol. I always pay before anyway, so I didn’t notice. It is a good idea, though.

  2. kathy downey
    June 22, 2018 / 8:20 pm

    I think it’s a great idea!

  3. Lynda Cook
    June 23, 2018 / 10:39 am

    This is not new here in my town, I normally pay at the pump before I pump that way I won’t go over

  4. Sarah
    June 23, 2018 / 5:10 pm

    This is a great idea! I hope that more gas stations start offering this.

  5. Leanne
    June 24, 2018 / 9:19 am

    A lot of people seem upset that they have to pay before they pump. I don’t see why it’s a big deal and it it a lot safer for employees .

  6. kristen visser
    June 25, 2018 / 2:35 pm

    Good to hear they are starting to do this! I remember going to get gas the one time and the woman who worked at the gas station told me someone just did a pump and dash. She was upset and i was shocked that someone would do such a thing. i think paying before pumping is such a great idea

  7. Debbie White Beattie
    June 26, 2018 / 1:28 am

    I’ve only paid in advance when I go to the US but I’ve never thought about paying ahead in Canada

  8. Stephanie N
    July 10, 2018 / 9:54 am

    I wish there was a better way to pre pay then selecting an amount. I like to fully fill my tank when I go and I find I always under estimate how much I need when I pre pay.

  9. Catherine Robichaud
    July 12, 2018 / 5:52 pm

    This is a wonderful idea. I must be honest I’ve never really thought about people not paying for their gas but if this is a problem then I have no problem paying for my gas first.

  10. Bruce L.
    September 28, 2018 / 10:07 pm

    Living in BC it has become a habit for me. I’m surprised when I go somewhere and it isn’t that way. I totally agree that it is the safest way to do things.

  11. jan
    January 13, 2019 / 9:05 am

    I cannot even really remember the time when we didn’t have pay before. So glad that they are starting to institute it in Ontario, but surprising that it has taken so long. Everyone that drives needs fuel, so it isn’t like they are going to stop buying it due to being ‘put out’ that they need to do this.

  12. January 15, 2019 / 11:30 pm

    It may be inconvenient if gauging the amount of fuel you need is a problem . That being said it is something you can learn and lives will be saved by pay first so the sooner the better. Now if only we could get government car insurance like BC we could save some money too.

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen
    March 14, 2019 / 10:26 am

    I remember having to prepay for gas down in Florida a couple of years after a hurricane ripped through and destroyed so much. I did find it difficult since I like to have a full tank and never know how much will fit in and it was always cash too. I do like the system Costco uses where you put in your credit card to pay the bill before you fill up – is this how it’s done at Husky?