Luna Petunia Line of Dolls, Figurines and Accessories

luna petunia

My little girls love playing with dolls, the youngest especially. She especially loves when characters from her favourite shows, like Luna Petunia, make their debut at our home.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me reading the email about the new line of toys corresponding with one of her Netflix faves. In between jumps and squeals she excitedly asked if she could get Luniiiiiaaaaaa Petunnnniiiiiiiiaaaaaa dollies too?  Already smitten before she had them in her little hands.

Thankfully she didn’t have to wait long and when her package arrived I am pretty sure the the sound barrier was broken by her shrieks, totally worth it by the way.

Luna Petunia Line of Dolls, Figurines and Accessories

The star of the line is the Luna Petunia 14″ talking doll ($34.99). My daughter won’t put her down and loves how Luna springs to life with sounds from Amazia and some of her fave sayings…’I Petunia Promise’.

luna petunia

You can also grab a child sized Amazia Necklace ($14.99) that lights up and makes magical sounds. If your child is anything like mine they will be walking around the house trying to open doors with it and you will find it hard to not laugh, because our doors are not like the ones in Amazia, they don’t need a magic necklace to open them. luna petunia

My youngest is a big fan of toys of the stuffed variety. You can always find him carrying around one thing or another and he was thrilled when he got some new ones. His fave is the Huggable 14.5″ Luna ($24.99). She looks just like his older sister’s Luna but plush. From her curly blue hair to her colourful clothes she is perfect.
luna petunia
Paired with her beanie plush sidekicks Sammy Stretch, Karoo, and Bibi Bubbles ($10.99 each) you can really get the party started, or get the nap time cuddles started as my youngest prefers.
luna petunia
I don’t quite understand the hype in small toys but my daughter loves them. She slides them in her jacket pockets, her sweaters, purses and backpacks. I find them hidden in her shoes so that her siblings don’t play with them.
luna petunia
If you have a child that loves little collectibles like mine than any of the play sets and figurines are a great addition to your collection. They make great stocking stuffers! Amazia Garden Set ($19.99) has pieces from Luna’s beautiful garden. The Fabulosa Cafe Playset ($19.99) brings Chef Luna to life and even has a launcher that flies food across the cafe. To round out the collection why not grab one of the 3 fun 2-figure packs like: Ballerina Luna & Sammy, Bibi Bubbles & Fuzzlings ($7.99 each), or 5 pack Luna & Friends collectible figures ($14.99).
luna petunia
 You can get your hands on the newest Luna Petunia dolls, figures and play sets at your local Toys R’ Us store and follow along with the makes of this fun line, Funrise, on social media, mainly their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Give them a follow to stay up-to-date on the magical fun.
This post is in partnership with Funrise Toys. All opinions are our own.
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  1. kristen visser
    October 20, 2017 / 11:01 am

    Wow these characters are so fun! I love that they come in different sizes and a plush versions as well. The play sets are awesome. I hadn’t heard of these until this post. will have to keep them in mind for Christmas 🙂

  2. Lynda Cook
    October 21, 2017 / 6:07 am

    Never heard of Luna Petunia before now, she looks like a doll my granddaughter would love!

  3. LisaM
    October 21, 2017 / 7:53 am

    Oh gosh – they are so adorable!

  4. Judy Cowan
    October 21, 2017 / 2:37 pm

    I can definitely see my niece loving these, might be a great Christmas gift for her.

  5. kathy downey
    October 21, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    Thanks for the introduction to these fun toys,perfect for gift giving!

  6. erin n
    October 21, 2017 / 3:25 pm

    Too very cute! I am going to get some of these toys for my niece -they are adorable!

  7. kathy downey
    October 22, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    The more i see of these the more i like them,kids are going to love these,perfect gift for the upcoming season !

  8. Kelly H
    October 22, 2017 / 3:07 pm

    Never heard of Luna Petunia before! Cute, glad your daughter was so excited!

  9. CAlvin F.
    October 22, 2017 / 3:09 pm

    Some quality fun here! 🙂

  10. Laurie P
    October 23, 2017 / 1:20 pm

    I’ve not heard of these before. Love the name Luna Petunia, I’ll be looking for them in-store!

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen
    October 23, 2017 / 10:57 pm

    My granddaughters love tiny toys too. I don’t understand it either, maybe it’s because they’re small just like the kids themselves.

  12. Debbie White Beattie
    October 25, 2017 / 5:12 am

    I love how cute the whole line is and kids are going to love them

  13. HEIDI C.
    October 28, 2017 / 11:04 pm

    This is the first time that I have read about this cute line of toys. I am sure that my girls would want to collect them all.

  14. Donna L.
    October 30, 2017 / 2:09 am

    I’ve never heard of these dolls but they are adorable!

  15. jan
    October 31, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    Okay – these would be simply adored in this house!

  16. nicolthepickle
    November 1, 2017 / 7:02 am

    Haha, about the hiding in her shoes so her siblings don’t get them. This sounds very familiar.

  17. Darlene Schuller
    January 2, 2018 / 7:19 am

    I’ve never heard of these dolls before but pretty sure my nieces would love them. My youngest niece has a real passion for ‘babies’ she calls them.