How To Turn an Unfinished Basement Into a Homier Space

How To Turn an Unfinished Basement Into a Homier Space

Not every basement has the potential to be a family room, and not everyone has the budget to turn a reasonably nice basement into a fully refinished room. Still, there are always little adjustments you can make to add some nice touches to a basement. Whether you envision it as a TV room, playroom, or a limited-stay guestroom, here’s how to turn an unfinished basement into a homier space.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

Decluttering is always a good practice, regardless of the room. It works particularly well with basements, which tend to become catchalls for all the other rooms in the house. Get rid of whatever you don’t need, and push aside what you want to keep. If what you want to hold onto is furniture from upstairs, all the better. Incorporate it into the new look for the place. Otherwise, get rid of the old and be sparing with the new. Decluttering makes every house look new again anyway.

Add a Rug

Basements often have cold concrete slabs as floors. It’s not a pleasant sensation beneath your feet. If you’ve adequately leak-proofed the place, bring in an area rug. Choosing the right area rug can add character, warmth, and comfort to the entire basement or one section. Pick a color that adds some life to the place if the basement is particularly dark. Plush rugs provide dignity and class to any otherwise utilitarian space. Search for a rug that reflects your personality, and make it the canvas for the rest of the room.

Beautify With Drywall

It’s hard to believe that plain white drywall can improve a space’s look, but it’s true, especially in darker areas like the attic or basement. Using drywall to cover joists, pipes, and the like can make a basement room feel like an upstairs room. It also allows painting, putting on wallpaper, and otherwise decorating those bare walls with eye-catching, sedate, or subtle colors. Hire a professional or do it yourself. Either way, adding walls makes the basement seem like less of an afterthought to the rest of the house. And consider a drop-ceiling as well if you want it to be a guest room.

Add a Little Warmth

Here’s one last tip on how to turn an unfinished basement into a homier space. A basement can be a place to chill, but it should never be a chilly place. If you put up drywall, add insulation behind it. If it’s hard to heat the room, a space heater will work. But keep it on a timer to avoid the possibility of fires. Otherwise, add a couch with a selection of big throw pillows and fuzzy blankets. If there are window wells, ensure you keep them clear so that a little sun can shine inside.

Simone Davis
Simone Davis

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