How to Modernize an Old Home Inside and Out

How to Modernize an Old Home Inside and Out

It can be quite a job to modernize an old home, but with good bones, it can be done quickly, effectively, and on budget. From inside to out, there are a ton of options for giving your home a quick makeover, from updating the exterior finish to picking a trending design aesthetic.

Giving the Outside a Facelift

Most homes are built to last, and they often do. But against the elements, such as wind and rain, they can take a battering over the years. Because of this, the exterior gets a little tired and can begin to look out of date as the years go by, and design trends change. Hiring vinyl siding companies to update the exterior can make your home feel fresh and new, but it can also add some value and sale potential if you are looking to sell your property at some point.

Apply a resistant finish

There’s a lot you can do with the design and function of the outside of your home. Updating the finish can help you with the insulation but also provide a fresh look. Stone cladding was popular in the 70s and 80s, but today, modern buyers and trends look for PVCu, composite, and timber cladding. These are stylish, help with keeping your home warm, and are sustainable. All of the things you want for yourself, and definitely, some of the things a modern buyer will look for.

Modernize an old home with a new roof

There’s nothing that can quite ruin a home and your life like a caved-in roof. Roofs are vital for the safety, aesthetics, and sale potential of a property, so you need to take care of them. When you have some extra money to spare, it can be a good idea to at least have the roof checked and work to fix any issues. But if the issues are bad enough, it is a good idea to replace the roof. This is an initial large cost, but it will definitely give you and any buyers massive peace of mind.

Upgrade the home’s windows

Quality windows can work wonders for a home. Over time, windows become worn and dirty, even uPVC ones. They do last for a while, but they aren’t indestructible. Additionally, older windows, especially wooden ones with single glazing, aren’t energy efficient. While it might be expensive to replace windows, you instantly reap the benefits as they keep heat in, cold out and lower your energy bills. Almost all installers offer windows on credit or through a buying scheme.

Extra: Home Improvement on a Budget

Most home improvement projects are expensive, and with the cost of everything rising, you may need to pick your time well and save some money. Doing too much at once can mean running out of money and time, which only delays projects further. Here are some tips for budgeting.

Pick one project at a time

You can get the decorating bug when you start planning and working on your home. But getting carried away means you can divert money from one project to another or get carried away with certain things. Plan one improvement at a time and turn your money, and focus on that one only.

Do some cost research

The costs of a home project can quickly get out of control when you don’t research or plan. Shopping around suppliers, contractors, and even DIY stores is the best way to handle this, as you can compare prices. Also, keep quality in mind versus the cost of something you need.

Make goals for saving for a project

The worst thing that can happen during a project is running out of money, and prices can be very large depending on the work. You may not have that kind of money at hand, so make some savings goals to get you there. If you don’t need emergency work, work towards your budget.

Making substantial improvements to your home will cost a lot of money. But even minor changes can add up. Budgeting for what you need, being frugal, and shopping around for better deals will contribute to a better outcome. And if you don’t have the money, put some away for a while.

What to Do Inside

Your home’s exterior is strong and efficient and doesn’t need to change often. This is good considering the cost. But we often tend to get bored with the interior because it is our immediate surroundings. You may also be aware of changing trends and societal expectations, which can make you want to make changes every few years. These can include using efficient materials, updating the overall style, and renovating to sell your home when the time eventually comes.

Make small but effective changes

It is only natural that you become bored with how your home or a certain room looks and feels. Luckily, it isn’t hard to reinvigorate a room and bring it into modern times. You can make very small changes to freshen up a room that doesn’t cost a lot. Mixing up textures, seasonal changes, and replacing details such as door knobs are effective ways to enhance the room’s look and feel. It can also help to assess accent pieces and declutter where appropriate.

Renovate a room to modernize an old home

Renovation is expensive, but it can go much further than making small décor changes. If you are looking to sell, a renovation project almost guarantees a sale when done correctly, as buyers love to see fresh and new rooms and spaces. The most popular rooms to renovate are the kitchen and bathroom, and the bathroom can add between 4% and 5% value to your home on average. The investment can be large, but for you or a buyer, it can be well worth the cost.

Freshen up what you already have

Like making small changes to a room, you can redecorate to add some modernization to your home. A lick of paint, some wallpaper, and modern décor changes can make your home feel fresh once more. For example, you can paint the woodwork or sand down worn timber to bring a room back to life. Other ideas include adding a feature wall, sprucing up a fireplace, and replacing standard items such as tiles. This is a lot less costly than a contractor renovation.


Switching the exterior finish, fixing the roof, and replacing the windows can modernize an old home. But you need to be aware of the costs, so plan a budget for anything you need. Inside the home, making small changes to a room, making renovations, and fresh touches can help.

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