How to Improve the Appearance of your Garden

How to Improve the Appearance of your Garden

If you want to improve the general appearance of your garden then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you to make the right changes so you can see a positive difference, today.

Give your Plants a Lift

Removing some of the lower branches from your shrubs and trees can make them look way better. It improves their shape and it also helps to make them look cleaner. As if that wasn’t enough, it also helps to make air circulate through the plant. This helps to create a lot of opportunities for plants that may be underneath them. Try and target plants and branches that are touching the ground or that are altering the shape of the plant.

Top Dress

Another thing you can do is top dress. This is where you scrape away around 5cm of compost from the top of your established plants. The main reason why you need to do this is that it helps to remove moss and weeds. When you have done this, water the plants. If you come across any stubborn weeds or seedlings, then a thin wedding tool that has a blade should help you to cut them out. Just be mindful of the roots, because if you don’t get the roots too then they will come back.

Clean your Pots

Fill a bucket with some warm water and then add some detergent. After you have done this, get a brush and clean the patio pots you have lying around. This will give your patio a real lift and it will also allow you to show off your prized plants. 

Smooth the Cracks

Using a patio weeding tool, or even some old secateurs, scrape away weeds and moss from the cracks in your paving slabs. When you have removed them all, take the time to fill in the gaps between the slabs. You will need to use a mixture of three parts sand to one part cement for this. Moisten the mix with a bit of water if you feel as though you need to.

Make a Flower Bed

Most gardens come with a bit of a lawn. Use it to your advantage. If you can, dig out some of the lawn and add some new plants so you can drastically improve your space. The benefit of doing this is that you can create a whole new shape and you can also create something that works for you. If you can, check the heights of the flowers you intend to use, so you can position them accordingly. The benefit of doing this is that it will make it easier for you to get the overall look you are going for.

Get a Sharp Edge

Cut into the edge of your lawn and make it into an attractive shape. Your borders will look better instantly and you may even find that you end up increasing the value of your home as well. If you don’t have one yet, it could be worth investing in a half-moon edger. If you don’t have one then a spade will do the job, but either way, this is well worth doing.

Focus on Color

Freshly planted pots may contain a lot of compost while you sit around and wait for the plants to mature enough. Rather than waiting, it’s a good idea for you to paint the pots, so you can get the result you are going for. You can use violas or premises here if you want faster growth, but either way, painting the pots will give you an instant boost. You can also paint your garden furniture as well if you want. If you want to buy new furniture, then look into hiring an outdoor furniture assembly service.

Plant in Threes

If you are stuck as to how to plant then why not focus on planting in threes? Take a trip to your local plant center and buy herbaceous plants, such as geraniums, achilleas and more. The best thing about grouped plants is that they tend to make way more of an impact when compared to standard plants. You can also make a colorful display out of them as well. This might seem simple, but it is a very effective way for you to get the look you are going for.

Remove Tired Plants

Be ruthless if you have to, and make sure that you remove any old or tired plants. If you have shrubs that lack color then now is the time for you to do something about them. Uproot them and make sure that you are doing everything you can to replace them with better options. This is a great way to get the look you are going for.

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