Finding the Perfect Rental for You and Your Furry Friend

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Are you a pet owner on the hunt for a new rental? Moving homes is also a challenging process, but moving when you have a pet can feel downright impossible. Many pet owners struggle to ensure their furry companion can feel safe in their new home. So, if you have just started the rental hunt, here are a few tips that can help you turn this stressful quest into a success. 

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A pet-friendly landlord

Believe it or not, more and more landlords and rental communities are welcoming pets. As pets now play a central role in the life of their tenants, both from an emotional support perspective as a motivation to maintain a regular income, landlords have no choice but to open their rentals to pet owners if they want to remain competitive on the market.

So, make a priority of looking for apartments for rent that explicitly mention they are a pet-friendly community. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. There is nothing more difficult than trying to convince a landlord to accept your pet after signing the tenancy agreement. So, focus your attention on the listings that embrace pets.

Naturally, while landlords are open-minded, you still want to check with them whether they would be open to you bringing your pet. Large pets, for instance, may be better suited for different rental properties. Landlords may need to place restrictions on size, breed, and temperament depending on their community and the size of the rental. 

A rental with enough space

Even if your landlord is open to welcoming your furry friend, you still need to make sure there is enough space for your pet. Even small pets, such as cats, need a room to keep their toys, such as cat trees, their bed, and their litter tray. So, it’s worth visiting and measuring the rental so you know for sure if your pet gear can fit.

Another tip for pet owners living in small rentals is to invest in multi-functional furniture that can save you space without compromising on comfort. For example, if your bed has a storage function, this could free up the space you’d otherwise need for a chest of drawers. 

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Easy access to a park or garden

Pets, especially dogs, require regular exercise and outdoor time. When searching for a rental, consider its proximity to parks, dog parks and other green spaces. Indeed, having easy access to a nearby dog-friendly area is not only convenient for your pet, but it can also be part of your routine as a pet owner.

When you live near a park, you can schedule enjoyable walks and playtime that keep your pet active and happy. It is an excellent way to ensure your pet can be quiet at home and not disturb the neighbours. The last thing you need is for your landlord to raise complaints about noise issues with your pet.

It may be worth considering rentals that are also close to a daycare facility if you are concerned about your pet being anxious while you are at work. 

While the task may sound impossible, there are more and more pet-friendly rentals nowadays, which come in greatly convenient locations for both pets and owners. With these considerations in mind, you can embark on your rental search. Happy home hunting!

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