Climate-Controlled Storage: Everything You Need to Know

Climate-Controlled Storage: Everything You Need to Know

With an average of almost one hundred days in a year reaching temperatures higher than 90°F, Houston is certainly one of the hottest cities in America. Since heat can easily lead to the degradation of tons of different materials, great care needs to be taken when putting items into storage. Climate-controlled storage provides a controlled environment for storage by making use of heaters, air conditioning, and humidity control, enabling the stored items to withstand extreme weather.

So, whether it’s some furniture you want to store for a future dream house, some seasonal clothing you’d like to keep safe for another year, or important documents for your company’s records, climate-controlled storage can save the day. 

To help you have additional peace of mind regarding the safety of your belongings, here is a list of everything you need to know about climate-controlled storage. 

1. Better Air Quality

In order to maintain items’ quality while they’re stored, climate-controlled storage units provide a clean environment for your valuables. These storage units are designed to maintain proper airflow, resulting in a fresh environment at all times. 

In addition to temperature, a good climate-controlled storage unit also controls humidity levels in the storage area. Moisture and intense weather hinder book preservation efforts, and cabinets might not suffice if you want to protect your paperwork from insects and rodents. But you can rest easy knowing that you’ll find these sensitive items intact when you wish to take them out of climate-controlled storage. 

Finding reliable and safe storage services in Houston isn’t too hard. You can look up Houston storage units online to select the most suitable service for yourself.

2. What Can Be Stored

You can store everything from furniture to artwork and books to electronic appliances in these special storage areas. If it’s the end of the season and you feel like your house has little space for your bulky winter wear, you can store your clothing items there, too. Doing so will not only solve your space problems but save your clothes from moths and humidity, keeping them fresh for next winter.  

Electric appliances are especially prone to getting damaged in extreme humidity. So, if you have expensive appliances that you don’t use very often, consider putting them away in climate-controlled storage to prevent additional repair expenses every few months. Moreover, climate-controlled storage is a great option for businesses that need to store lots of paperwork. 

3. Additional Protection (Insulation)

Climate-controlled storage offers greater security to your items than regular storage units. Sure, you’ll pay a little extra, but that price is justified, considering how many of your future costs are likely to be prevented. Climate-controlled storage units give additional protection to your items through increased insulation. This makes the stored items less vulnerable to damage caused by natural disasters. They are a go-to option if your community is in danger of floods. Their walls, ceilings, and doors are adequately insulated to boost protection for anything you store in there.

4. Dust-Free

Keeping dust off your storage is a bonus perk that comes with all that supplementary insulation. The extra layers of insulationand tightly sealed metal doors are perfect to keep everything from dust particles to insects and moths from crawling into your luggage. So you can finally get rid of that headache you’ve got by trying out household remedies to fight the creepy things feasting on your wooden furniture or clothes. 

5. Make Your Items More Durable

With all the features discussed until now, it’s a no-brainer that anything you put away in climate-controlled warehouses will stay in as good a condition as you left it. With a consistent environment and appropriate temperature, the usual damage caused by shifting and extreme weather conditions can easily be avoided. All you have to do is spare some extra budget for storage this year. Everything else is up to the professionals who will make the rest of your concerns vanish. 


The need to store furniture, clothing, household appliances, or office documents is a regular one in modern society. However, not everyone has the facility of storing their belongings in their own lodging place or company headquarters. Additionally, the requirements for different items to maintain their durability are also tough to handle on your own. Therefore, climate-controlled storage units offer a safe and efficient solution to storage issues. With a good warehouse ready to share some of your burdens, you can be relieved of the unnecessary stress of looking after your valuables.

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