Dyson V8 Absolute: Mission Clean Up, Down, and All Around

Dyson V8 Absolute: Mission Clean Up, Down, and All Around
Hands up if your to-do list of household chores is never ending and you’ve convinced yourself that there are people living in your house that you have yet to meet.  ?
A family of 6 plus a big white dog sure do make a lot of mess and since my husband and kids suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma I have to keep on top of our messes–or at the very least try. 

Are You Up For the Challenge? 

Dyson V8 Absolute

With the holiday season in full effect, I wanted to put our new Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless vacuum to the test. Can this little machine help me get my house clean from top to bottom on a full charge? Would I have battery leftover to let my husband tackle our SUV? Could this cord (and hassle) free Dyson V8 vacuum help me quickly tackle my living area quickly when uninvited guests call and say they want to pop by? 

I have big expectations for the Dyson V8 as a Dyson owner already. Its little size makes it super light but well balanced as well. You would never know that the little handheld unit holds Dyson’s digital motor and has the most powerful suction of any Dyson, except now I’ve told you so the secret is out. It’s not at all awkward in your hands, as a handheld or with the stick attachment involved, which is important when you’re trying to clean up high or at weird angles. I also appreciate that I can easily switch it from high suction to max suction right from the handheld unit. 
Dyson V8 Absolute
The hardest part was waiting for the initial charge – I was full of anticipation like a kid on Christmas. I wanted to take my new baby for a spin (suck?) and when the indicator lights finally filled up to let me know it was at full charge I set off on a mission. Mission: Try Out Dyson V8 + All Attachments. Do you think it was mission accomplished?

Mission: Clean Up, Down & Everywhere In Between with the Dyson V8 + All Attachments

I set my sights high–cobweb territory high and with the stick attachment and rigid crevice tool I not only quickly rid each room of spider webs I’m pretty sure I got rid of spider egg sacs as well. The kids will be pleased with that 😉
Dyson V8 Absolute
With my new cobweb free ceilings, I decided to try and do a quick glide on my daughter’s mattresses. It’s been a while (actually never) since I last gave them a vacuum and with the handheld + mini motorized tool attachment, I managed to get enough dirt in the canister to maybe make another child. Note to self: vacuum all the beds monthly.
Dyson V8 Absolute
Next up was the floors and like most houses, we have a mixture of different floors. The stick + soft roller cleaner head attachment lets me grab not only the fine dust between the floorboards (50-year-old house issues) but also the larger pieces of food, debris and Christmas tree needles that have made it their mission to drive me crazy. I swear every time I pick up one needle a dozen more give up and graciously flutter to their demise on our floor. 
Dyson V8 Absolute
You see this rug? Its probably as old as my husband and it used to belong to his grandmother so I had it carefully rolled away in a closet so the kids and dog wouldn’t ruin it. I took it out this week and gave it a new lease on life. What good is it to own nice things if you don’t enjoy them? Thankfully the direct drive cleaner head attachment has a powerful motor inside the brush bar. It drives the nylon bristles deep into carpet pile to remove ground-in dirt and pet hair, making the previously unused rug a prime piece of realty for our LO and I know that 35+ years of dust have been removed.

Tackling the Little Messes

Once the big tasks were done I set out to see what the other attachments could do. I knew that our couches must be hiding 5 years worth of treasures in the sides and the crevice tool made it a breeze to go exploring vacuuming.
Dyson V8 Absolute
Our TV got the star treatment with the fine dusting brush, ensuring that we got rid of the dust without streaking. It even has a felt strip to prevent scratches of delicate surfaces, which is a blessing in itself because my husband would freak if I scratched the TV.
Dyson V8 Absolute
But the biggest surprise I discovered, was that the handheld + combination tool would become like my right-hand (wo)man. Cleaning up little messes while they happen has never been easier and I’m working on not getting irrationally upset when the kids drop crumbs on the counter or the rug.
Dyson V8 Absolute
I know that I can have the mess cleaned up in an instant, actually, I taught them how to clean up the mess themselves because the Dyson V8 may be small enough for them to use but its strong enough to stand up to even their worst disasters, like spilled coffee.
dyson v8 absolute
My husband has yet to tackle the SUV but when he musters up the courage to move the car seats I know the Dyson will be right there with him. 


Like all things you buy, the Dyson needs some basic maintenance. Wash the filters once a month, clean your attachments as needed, and when your clear bin starts getting filled up with dust and debris simply lift the red handle while over a garbage and watch the dirt fall away. It’s never been this easy to get all over clean. 

I’m still trying to figure out where to put the docking station but for now I rest easy knowing it’s a possibility, I mean the Dyson V8 is a beauty which part of the house deserves to display it? Can one even pick a favourite place?

You can find out more about the Dyson V8 and purchase your own by clicking the button below. You should probably put it at the top of your holiday list, you’ve been good and deserve it.


This post is in partnership with Dyson Canada and Revfluence. All thoughts and opinions (and messes) are our own.
Aneta Alaei
Aneta Alaei

Aneta is a Toronto-based mom of four that loves a good meal, great company, and learning something new. In her free time, you can find her trying to keep yet another plant alive.

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  1. kristen visser
    December 4, 2017 / 2:45 pm

    oh my gosh my hubby would FLIP right out if we got this. He is the one that has the job of vacuuming lol..while i do everything else. He hates our current vacuum. The suction isn’t very good and it is not easy to lug up and down and no way you can take it and prop it up to do the curtains. I have always wanted a Dyson

  2. Alison Braidwood
    December 4, 2017 / 2:52 pm

    I love that this is so portable. My current vacuum is a beast.

  3. jan
    December 4, 2017 / 3:49 pm

    Now this looks like the device we need in our home. All those tasks with one device!

  4. loucheryl
    December 4, 2017 / 7:05 pm

    I would love to have this in my kitchen. It would be so handy to have it there and grab it whenever I need it.

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen
    December 4, 2017 / 10:15 pm

    I have invested in 2 Dysons, a hand-held stick vacuum and a canister. The stick vacuum is super for a quick going over, the stairs and my car too. The canister one I use for a regular vacuuming and I must say both are super and pick up a ton of dust/dirt. Lovely and simple to empty too. Just have to remember to rinse the filters every now and again.

  6. December 4, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    Now that I have another Dyson I will wash my other filter….for the second time in 4 years…?

  7. Sarah alexis
    December 5, 2017 / 2:07 am

    There is no better vacuum than a dyson! wow… I would love one of these around my house 🙂

  8. LisaM
    December 5, 2017 / 6:48 am

    This is definitely on MY wish list!

  9. Clair Palmer
    December 5, 2017 / 9:51 am

    I love that this is so portable, so easy to clean

  10. kathy downey
    December 5, 2017 / 7:36 pm

    I would love to own a Dyson,beautiful machine!

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen
    December 5, 2017 / 11:14 pm

    I do think that they suggest rinsing the filter a wee bit more often than every 4 years LOL 🙂

  12. December 6, 2017 / 3:45 am

    This is such a cool vacuum! I love that it is portable and that it covers all my cleaning needs from fluff in the ceiling vents to pet hair under the couch. I would love one of these.

  13. Lynda Cook
    December 6, 2017 / 10:08 am

    I would love a vacuum such as this something that can get up high! the vacuum that I have now just pezzes me off it’s always falling over everytime I try to use the hose, grrrr

  14. Holly D
    December 6, 2017 / 1:10 pm

    I would love this vacuum. It would make cleanups so much easier. And of course, you don’t get any better than Dyson.

  15. December 6, 2017 / 11:05 pm

    I just purchased a Dyson. LOVE it. WOW it is so light and easy to use.

  16. LUZVIMINDA Gunter-Smith
    December 7, 2017 / 6:04 am

    I don’t have one and always wish to get one this looks the best in the market

  17. lori galbraith
    December 7, 2017 / 6:32 am

    I would love this vacuum, it’s versatility and its suction.

  18. Andrea Freiherr
    December 7, 2017 / 1:17 pm

    Wow this vacuum cleaner sounds awesome

  19. Judy Cowan
    December 7, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    I have had one of these on my wish list for a bit, after reading your review I think I am definitely going to have to get one for our new home next year.

  20. December 8, 2017 / 12:08 am

    I love how light this vacuum is and is so easily transported around the house and that I can vacuum in places that are up high or down under something where it’s so hard to reach.

  21. Cassandra Gale
    December 8, 2017 / 2:25 pm

    This looks like something I could definitely use in my home. Even my kids could use it. My son loves to vacuum but my current one is old and heavy.

  22. Holly M
    December 9, 2017 / 10:48 am

    Ohhh the couches…. the kids could do this!

  23. kathy downey
    December 9, 2017 / 6:27 pm

    I have a a Dyson on my wishlist !

  24. jan
    December 9, 2017 / 7:27 pm

    this looks like such a versatile device i may have to hunt it down.

  25. Tannis W
    December 10, 2017 / 12:17 am

    This vacuum looks amazing! It looks handy and easy to use.

  26. Darlene Schuller
    December 10, 2017 / 7:23 am

    Now this is one beautiful machine!! I could put it to good use here!

  27. Linda H
    December 10, 2017 / 7:39 pm

    This would be great to have for all those quick cleanups.

  28. Holly M
    December 12, 2017 / 10:01 am

    I have a Dyson upright. They are such good vacuums!

  29. Linda H
    December 13, 2017 / 9:09 am

    My son just got a Dyson and loves it.

  30. Joyce S
    December 14, 2017 / 8:31 pm

    I have this Dyson.. its a great unit. Nice and portable for quick cleanups!

  31. Linda H
    December 23, 2017 / 9:17 am

    This Dyson V8 Absolute would be perfect now for those frequent clean ups around Christmas.

  32. Susan Lewis
    December 23, 2017 / 9:42 am

    I too suffer from allergies and asthma so a good vacuum to pick up the dust is a must. Dyson is a contender for certain. Needs to be light and not too big either.

  33. Michelle K
    December 29, 2017 / 11:29 am

    Now I think I need one of these! Definitely putting it on my wish list.

  34. jan
    December 30, 2017 / 3:22 am

    I love the sounds of the motor in the brush bar.

  35. Angelehm
    January 1, 2018 / 4:30 am

    I do love Dyson having had use of one for a week while house/dog sitting. They have incredible power picking up even the finest dog hair easily. I would love to have a Dyson just to have that cleaning power in something I can use easily, it turns on a dime. The only drawback for me is the cost . I had a 1970s Filter Queen that I bought second hand and eventually passed to my daughter. It still works really well made out of steel to last but it was heavy.

  36. Shauna
    January 5, 2018 / 3:07 pm

    This looks like such an amazing vacuum!

  37. Alayne Langford
    January 5, 2018 / 3:44 pm

    I could vacuum like a boss with this Dyson!

  38. Debbie White Beattie
    February 20, 2018 / 5:28 am

    I’ve wanted a Dyson for years because they’re known for their ability to clean up the biggest mess easily

  39. Calvin
    February 24, 2018 / 2:51 pm

    Cordless, powerful and durable! I like

  40. Elizabeth Matthiesen
    February 28, 2018 / 5:38 pm

    Dyson does make the very best vacuums on the market, which I guess partly accounts for the high prices. He’s also first on the market with something new which others then often use as a new design for themselves.

  41. Mike Gismondi
    April 1, 2018 / 1:19 pm

    We really need one of these to get those hard to reach places

  42. Leanne
    April 15, 2018 / 7:33 pm

    Chores are never ending . Would love to have cordless vacuum like this . Save a lot of time .

  43. Treen Goodwin
    May 6, 2018 / 8:41 am

    I would so love to own this vacuum , with 2 dogs and fur every where , it sounds so awesome 🙂

  44. kathy downey
    May 7, 2018 / 3:14 pm

    I would love to have this Dyson,but it’s just not in my budget right now!

  45. Cheryl Grandy
    June 19, 2018 / 12:25 pm

    Wow! This Dyson would be so handy at my house. I’ve heard good things about Dyson and am seriously considering a Dyson for my next Vacuum cleaner.

  46. Leanne
    June 23, 2018 / 9:02 am

    This would be so handy . An all in one vacuum, would save so much time . I think I’m due for a new vacuum soon .

  47. Janet M
    April 25, 2019 / 5:44 pm

    It certainly looks like a fantastic vacuum.

  48. May 16, 2019 / 11:28 am

    Definitely a great vacuum with powerful suction and very less maintenance needed. Good review. Covered everything in detail.