Different Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Different Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring represents the love and commitment between two people and symbolizes the beginning of a new journey together. But your taste and preferences may change over time, and you may want to upgrade your ring to reflect your current style and personality. According to Inside Weddings, some people upgrade their engagement ring when the setting no longer works for their lifestyle, and it is time to choose something more practical. 

Upgrading your engagement ring can be a great way to continue celebrating your love and commitment years after your engagement has taken place, and there are many ways to do it. In this blog, we will explore ways to upgrade your engagement ring to symbolize your continuous commitment to your partner. 

Switch to a Lab Created Diamond

One of the most popular ways to upgrade an engagement ring is by altering the center stone. If your original ring has a smaller earth-mined diamond, consider upgrading to a larger diamond or switching to a lab diamond which is environmentally friendly and more affordable than natural diamonds.

Diamonds are a classic gemstone that have been featured in engagement rings for decades; however, many couples didn’t have the option to choose lab diamonds in the past. The good news is lab diamonds have become increasingly popular today due to their environmental and financial benefits. 

If you’re looking for a lab-created diamond engagement ring in Canada, consult a reputable custom jeweller and choose a new diamond that best fits your style, values, and budget. When you choose a lab diamond, you may be able to trade up significantly as you can get more for your money with carat weight compared to an earth-mined diamond centre stone.

Add More Diamonds & Redesign 

If your current engagement ring features a single centre stone that you don’t want to change, consider adding more diamonds and redesigning with a pavé band or halo. This will allow you to add side stones that flank the center stone, adding more sparkle and beauty to the ring. You can choose side stones matching the center stone or a contrasting colour using sapphires, rubies or emeralds for a unique look. Depending on your preference, side stones can also be arranged in different shapes, such as round, princess cut, or pear.

Remake your Ring with a New Setting Style

The setting of your engagement ring can also be upgraded to give it a fresh new look. If your style has changed since you got engaged and you prefer something sleeker and more modern, remake your ring with a new setting style.

You can change the metal of the setting if your taste has changed to gold colour. Another great way to modify your ring style is by adjusting the setting height or bandwidth. Perhaps your original setting was lifted high off the finger, and you found that uncomfortable. Consider a low-profile option for your redesign. Changing the setting can make your ring look more modern or classic, depending on your chosen style.

Add to Your Current Stack with a Bold Band

Upgrading your engagement ring doesn’t necessarily require you to double your budget. If a redesign isn’t in the budget, consider adding a bold diamond band or gold cigar band to your stack for a modern look. This will allow you to achieve a different overall look without drastically changing your ring or purchasing a new gemstone. Depending on your budget, you can add small diamonds or gemstones to the band to make it more intricate and unique.

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Different Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring
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