Dealing with Personal Issues to Stay Close to Family

Dealing with Personal Issues to Stay Close to Family

Dealing with personal issues can be easier said than done. But while the road is bumpy, you can make great strides towards a better family life. It takes a great deal of commitment on your part and finding ways to enjoy the special times with those you love. Here are some ideas.

Commit Yourself to Get Better

First and foremost, you need to make a commitment. A commitment to your family, partner, and yourself. Without a commitment, there is no focus on dealing with the things that haunt you. For example, for substance dependence after combat, this could even include VA alcohol rehab rather than just saying you will quit. Those without treatment are more likely to relapse within the three-year remission period, while the relapse rate is around 20% to 50% in treatment.

Understand the Feelings of Others

Putting yourself in the position of others and feeling how they feel is a powerful tool for seeing things from another perspective. When you do this, you gain a deeper understanding of the negative impact you can have on others through your own personal problems. To do this, it helps to simply pay attention to those around you rather than ignoring them. Listen to what others have to say about a situation and genuinely take it all in so you can work on a resolution.

Dealing with Personal Issues Through Sacrifice

Everyone’s needs are equal in a partnership, and the kids’ needs come before anything else when you have a family. Putting your needs first, for gratification with drugs and alcohol, for example, is selfish and only divides you further. No one is suggesting that you neglect yourself, and getting well is a major part of dealing with your problems. But you must try to put aside the fun you crave and show your family you are willing to curb your needs in order to see to theirs.

Celebrate the Special Occasions

There are special times in life that only happen once. And if you miss these, you will regret it if you truly love your family. Wedding anniversaries, special birthdays, and coming-of-age ceremonies. These are special family times that you will never get back. Staying clean, sober, and present for these will help nurture a healthy family life and show everyone you are dedicated to their happiness. Just spending time with the kids is always special to them.

Learn Healthy Conflict Resolution

Punching the wall, throwing things, and storming out never resolves anything. You must learn to resolve issues in a healthy way to keep your family safe and show that you care. All too often, family members, including children, are injured because a parent or parents can only see red. If needed, seek counseling for anger management. An angry and violent parent contributes to a child’s psychological issues, such as anxiety, PTSD, and the risk of drug abuse. 


You must commit yourself to dealing with personal issues with your family. Making sacrifices is an exemplary way to show this. Dealing with disputes in a healthy way helps all involved.

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Josie Smith
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