Daily Activities That Can Cause Long-Term Injury

Daily Activities That Can Cause Long-Term Injury

As you go about your day, you may perform activities that are likely harming your body, including your daily workout. Unfortunately, you may be unaware of the damage until it’s too late. According to research, overexertion makes up one-third of all workplace injuries. Reports also indicate that sitting for long hours behind the computer account for most of these long-term injuries. It sounds harmless to sit behind the computer all day. Still, musculoskeletal specialists say it can be harmful. This indicates the potential of some seemingly simple activities to cause long-term injury, including those below. 

  1. Carrying a heavy bag on your back

What could go wrong with carrying your bag at your back or slung over your shoulder? Research has shown that the problem is with the bag’s weight and the immense pressure on your body. Suppose you carry a backpack daily to work, school, or campsite. Crucial muscles in your back and abdominal muscles take up that load’s weight. The trapezius and Rhomboids are two fairly large back muscles that take on these heavy loads. Even in the presence of these muscles, you cannot help but tilt slightly forward when you carry a heavy bag. On a day-to-base basis, you may interpret the tilt as a mere response or reaction to the load you’re carrying. Over time, however, you will start to feel the effects of carrying these bags on your back for long periods. It usually starts as a mild pressure in the lower back, even when there’s no bag, a sign that your muscles have carried the memory of the daily weight they are subjected to. Ignoring the mild pressure can cause it to progress into a full-blown radiating pain from the mid-back to the coccyx. Some people complain about pelvic pain due to the strain on abdominal muscles over long periods. It’s best to avoid carrying heavy loads on your back to avoid this from becoming a major health issue. Invest in wheeled bags that don’t require being slung over the shoulder or your back, if possible. It would also be best to book an appointment with a physical therapist or chiropractor to manage or resolve the pain.

  1. Wearing the wrong shoes

Apart from the physical discomfort of wearing the wrong pair of shoes, there is more you may not have considered. You risk developing foot and toe deformities, back pain, ankle pressure, nerve compression, and so much more. Moreover, when the pair is unusually tight, aside from making you uncomfortable, there is also the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. Wearing the right pair of shoes can help you avoid serious health implications. People often think the wrong pair of shoes refers to tight ones. 

On the contrary, a loose pair can also harm your health and well-being. For example, if you lost your balance and fell while wearing loose footwear, your injuries could be life-altering. Another point worth considering is the impact on your advanced years. Whether you wear tight or loose shoes throughout your life, remember that your golden years will bring many health issues to the fore. For example, the extent of joint degeneration in advanced years may depend on the health of your feet when you were younger. Wear shoes that give your toes enough room to breathe without feeling cramped. Every footwear must be snug and not tight.

  1. Constantly listening to loud music through earpieces

Hearing loss is a major health issue; the worrying part is that it’s no longer a preserve of old age. Although research has shown that older adults have a higher risk of hearing loss due to a performance decline in the inner ear, other factors quicken the process. For example, listening to loud music can be a likely loss of hearing decline no matter your age. You may have been born with healthy and functional inner ears, but daily activities like loud music could cause significant problems. It is even worse when you use earpieces. Although you insert these devices into your ears to enhance your listening experience, they can become the source of a decline in your auditory health. That is why avoiding earpieces at loud volumes is crucial, even for short periods. In maintaining healthy hearing habits, you must stick to the things that preserve the optimal functioning of your ears.

  1. Daily computer usage

What could go wrong in your body if you use the computer daily? In today’s technological age, there is no escaping the computer because it is a crucial work tool. Unfortunately, medical research and reports indicate that daily computer use can put you at risk of several health problems. Your eyes, lower back, fingers, wrists, neck, and other body parts could develop problems leading to long-term injury. Injury to the neck is the first issue to be concerned about. It often happens due to poor positioning of the computer and the neck. Ideally, the screen must be at eye level to avoid bending your head. Anything different from this could lead to chronic neck pain in the future. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is also a common injury you risk developing when you use the computer keyboard for long periods. Wrong positioning of your hands on the keyboard or keypad can put immense pressure on the median nerve, irritating the carpal tunnel space and triggering long-term pain. Sometimes, you may have to find ways to cope with the pain without surgery and physical therapy.

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