Celebrating Your Partner’s Birthday: New Ideas For Long-Term Relationships

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time now, congratulations on having so many happy days together! However, the birthdays are getting a bit stale, aren’t they? It feels a bit like you’ve done every single possible thing under the sun to celebrate, and it’s getting harder and harder to actually surprise them. 

Not to mention just how many gifts you’ve bought them over the years! Nothing’s left on the shelf that they actually want at this point! So, what are you to do in this situation? How can you make sure their birthday this year is really one to remember? Well, we’ve got a few ideas down below for you – check them out for a bit of inspiration, especially if you’ve got half an idea that just needs rounding off. 

Spend the Day Surrounded by Animals

Might sound a bit niche to start but this is one for all the animal lovers out there. And seeing as half the population of the world all love dogs and cats, amphibians and reptiles, and even a few creepy crawlies, you’re probably dating an animal lover too. So why not try surrounding them with animals on their big day? 

You can do this in a variety of ways. You can head out to a zoo and buy an hour-long handling experience for your partner. You can hire a company to bring local shelter puppies or kittens to a safe space where you can spend time cuddling them all. Or you can head around a shelter yourself, meet all the different animals there, and maybe even talk about bringing a pet home with you. On the way out, make sure you pop some money in the donation pot! 

Go on a Road Trip

Travelling with the person you love can be the most fun thing in the world or the most annoying thing in the world, but we’re betting it’s the first for you and your partner! If so, plan a road trip for their birthday. It doesn’t need to be a long one that takes you 40 or more hours to get home again – just somewhere out of town that’s fun to visit, and even a bit romantic. 

An old castle or stately home perhaps, or a beautiful view that’s lovely to sit and eat lunch in front of. Just the two of you exploring the world bit by bit; sometimes that’s all you need on a birthday, especially after the hectic couple of years we’ve just been through. 

Throw Fun Activities into a Lucky Dip

You know the kind of things your partner loves to do, so write a bunch of them down on separate pieces of paper and throw them all into a hat. Then, when your partner wakes up on their birthday, tell them the plan for the day: they get to pick whatever happens, but only if they pull it out of the hat. 

This is a super fun and spontaneous way to spend a day together, and you really can just throw anything into the hat that you know will be fun. Visiting an art gallery, going paintballing, getting mimosas before a shopping spree; pop it all down and see what comes out. And make sure you write the ideas into separate categories and pull them at different times – you don’t want to pull out a dinner date idea when it’s still breakfast! 

Have a Day of Gifts

You can buy them as many gifts for as many years as they’ve been alive (although for anyone 30 and above, that’ll get expensive!), or you can buy about 10 gifts and then hand them out throughout the day. You could even go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ together, where presents are hidden in significant places for the two of you, or around friends’ houses. 

Start small; purchase some sunglasses for men as the first thing for them to open, and then build up from there. You can go from sunglasses to clothing, from clothing to household accessories or books and games, and then the biggest things from there. If you’ve bought them new furniture for their gaming den, or an experience flying a helicopter, these definitely need to be presented last! 

Make Them as Comfortable as Possible

This involves quite a lot of pampering, so we hope you’re up to the task! If your partner works long, hard hours and never complains, or they’re always on their feet helping other people out, reverse the roles for their birthday. 

Now it’s their turn to have everything done for them. Create a spa-like atmosphere, read up on massage techniques, and put on their favourite film. Whatever they find relaxing, do it for their birthday. 

Surprise Parties Never Fail!

Maybe you’ve tried to throw a surprise party before. Maybe they rumbled to you while you were halfway through calling the guests. It happens to us all! But does that mean you should never try again? No! 

After all, they’ve already caught you trying to plan one once – they’re not going to expect you to put one together again. So catch them while they’re off guard here, and this time, rope all your friends in to help keep the secret. Get them to take your partner out for a bit once or twice a week in the run-up to their birthday, to ensure they’re not around to see you order the decorations and the catering. 

Or even better, arrange the party for a time opposite to when their birthday is! If they’re a winter baby, throw a party in the summer and vice versa. This way they’ll never suspect a thing. 

Birthdays in long-term relationships can feel like just another day. But if you want an upcoming birthday to be a bit more special, try out some ideas like these. And if you’ve got a bucket list of things to do as a couple, these are the perfect days to cross a few things off the list!

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Celebrating Your Partner’s Birthday: New Ideas For Long-Term Relationships
Josie Smith
Josie Smith
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