Buccal Fat Removal – Minimizing Facial Fullness

Buccal Fat Removal – Minimizing Facial Fullness

Under local anesthesia, this procedure will not cause you any pain. Your surgeon will make an incision in your cheek and apply pressure to expose buccal fat pads; cut them out, and finally close any incisions with dissolvable stitches.

An often-held concern among individuals considering Buccal Fat Removal is developing an aged or hollow appearance after treatment. When performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon, however, successful outcomes can reveal refined contours with refined features.

1. Minimize Facial Fullness

Buccal fat removal is a cosmetic surgery technique which slims and contours cheeks, improving facial proportions while simultaneously correcting soft-tissue asymmetries and helping alleviate age-related lower facial heaviness.

This procedure can benefit both men and women alike. It works particularly well for people who have excessive fullness in their cheeks; those who are overweight may not see as many benefits due to excess facial fat accumulating elsewhere on the face than the buccal fat pads themselves.

Excessive facial fullness may also be caused by overextended jaw muscles caused by teeth grinding (bruxism). For those living with this condition, buccal lipectomy can reduce lower face fullness by shrinking squared or overly muscular jawlines and producing more defined cheekbones with defined cheekbones – making your cheeks seem thinner! Plus, buccal fat removal highlights cheekbones further, creating an ovaler and slimmer profile overall! It is an effective permanent procedure that offers lasting results!

2. Boost Your Self-Esteem

Buccal fat removal is a safe and effective way to sculpt cheeks for a more defined facial structure, as well as increasing self-esteem and confidence levels, leading to improved relationships and professional successes.

Many women and men struggle with having chubby cheeks that make it hard for them to slim down naturally through diet and exercise, making it challenging to look their best for weddings, reunions or other special events.

Buccal fat pads can be quickly and safely eliminated through incisions hidden within the mouth. Your surgeon will separate muscle from buccal fat, trim off any excess and use dissolvable sutures to close incisions once all buccal fat has been extracted – leaving permanent results behind! When choosing a surgeon, make sure they possess board certification, experience and hospital privileges to meet strict patient care and safety standards.

3. Enhance Your Appearance

Many individuals struggle with rounder face or cheeks, and buccal fat removal may offer subtle yet noticeable improvement to their appearance. The procedure is quick, noninvasive, and has minimal downtime requirements – plus its results will last.

Fat pads removed will reveal more chiseled jawline and cheekbone structures for a slimmer, more attractive face that emphasizes your natural features while complementing other facial characteristics.

Patients of all ages can benefit from this procedure, often combined with a cheek lift. The treatment is also useful for individuals who have deep smile lines that emphasize full faces; although tightening skin via facelift could likely yield longer-term effects. A skilled facial plastic surgeon can tailor treatment specifically to your facial structure and aesthetic goals for lasting results that improve self-image and boost confidence about how you appear.

4. Get the Results You Want

If you want a slimmer and younger-looking facial structure, buccal fat removal may be worth exploring as an option. A skilled facial plastic surgeon can tailor this procedure specifically for you in order to produce natural-looking results that complement your overall appearance and boost cheekbone definition.

Undergoing this cosmetic procedure, often referred to as cheek reduction or chubby cheeks reduction, your facial plastic surgeon will create small incisions inside each cheek in order to expose and extract buccal fat pads. A local anesthesia solution will be utilized to numb the surgical site and ensure maximum comfort during this procedure.

Sutures will either dissolve over time or be traditional. When closing incisions, a skilled facial plastic surgeon uses dissolvable or traditional stitches which typically heal within about a week. When large buccal fat pads emphasize smile lines, tightening of skin through facelifting may help diminish them; an experienced plastic surgeon takes great care not to damage either parotid gland, salivary duct or muscle structures within cheeks during this process.

Remove buccal fat pads tо reveal a more defined jawline and cheekbone structure, resulting in a slimmer and more attractive facial profile. Dr.Kristina Zakhary, a highly experienced facial surgeon, can expertly perform this procedure tо achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results that enhance your overall appearance and boost your self-confidence.

Josie Smith
Josie Smith
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