Advantages of Building a Shipping Container Garden

Advantages of Building a Shipping Container Garden

When you have an interest in gardening, you can try your green thumb at many different methods. Do you want to grow your plants indoors or use a natural approach? Will you build a greenhouse or utilize other factors? One growing trend is to repurpose shipping containers into usable farm locations. Today, we’re here to explain some of the advantages of building a shipping container garden and why it might be the best move for your crops.

Vegetable Variety

One of the most obvious advantages is that you can use a shipping container structure to grow crops that wouldn’t normally grow in your region. With enough work, care, and equipment, you can grow tropical crops in the middle of winter!

Insulating your shipping container from heat and cold can help you maintain a controlled climate of heat and humidity that can allow you to grow various crops and herbs.

Increase Space

When considering the advantages of building a shipping container garden, you can’t ignore that they provide much more space than your yard. Container gardens are great for building tiered shelves to grow vegetables; plus, you can fit a lot more planter boxes per square foot. Taking advantage of vertical and horizontal space makes it a good choice if you don’t have much room to farm.


You may find that shipping containers are surprisingly more affordable than many greenhouse kits, especially if you’re willing to buy a pre-owned one. Shipping containers themselves are relatively affordable, and even with remodeling costs, you can still save money to customize your garden.

Easy To Expand

Shipping containers come in lots of different sizes. Some of the most common options are 10, 20, or 40 feet. You can always start small with a 10-foot model. If you ever feel the need to expand, a little remodeling can enable you to attach a new container to the current one, giving you more room to grow new crops!

If you are passionate about agriculture, don’t ignore the potential benefits of building a shipping container garden. You can grow fruits and vegetables that would normally be impossible in your area, expand your operations down the road, and save money compared to many traditional indoor gardening options. Turn your shipping container into the garden of your dreams!

Simone Davis
Simone Davis

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