12 Ways To Remember Your Departed Loved Ones

12 Ways To Remember Your Departed Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is a difficult, often heart-wrenching experience that can take years to heal. In Canada alone, an estimated 263,000 people die each year, leaving behind an immeasurable void in the lives of their loved ones. While grieving is unique to everyone, finding ways to honour your loved ones can bring comfort and solace during such challenging times. Below are twelve things you can do to remember them.

  1. Create a family tree

A family tree can be a lovely way to remember and respect your loved ones. You may gather knowledge about past generations, trace your roots and preserve your family’s history to create a sense of connection and belonging. Family trees also remind you of your origins and the legacy of those who came before you. You may include personal information and images to bring the family tree to life and help future generations retain memories. How about making this a collaborative family activity and getting everybody involved? This way, you can foster a sense of connection and shared history to keep your loved ones’ memories alive and guarantee they are never forgotten.

  1. Visit a butterfly garden 

Butterflies have long been associated with transformation, hope, and new beginnings, making them a fitting symbol for remembering those who have passed on. As you wander through the serene environment of a butterfly garden, you can witness these graceful and vibrant creatures in flight, reminding you of the fleeting and ephemeral nature of life itself. Observing the intricate patterns and colours of the butterflies can also bring peace and tranquillity, providing a moment of respite from the chaos of everyday life. By visiting a butterfly garden in memory of your loved ones, you can find solace and comfort in their memory and cherish the beauty of life in all its forms.

  1. Plant a tree 

Planting a tree to remember a loved one can be a meaningful and lasting way to celebrate their legacy and express your love and gratitude. Trees signify life, growth, and stability, rooting themselves firmly into the ground and reaching toward the sky. As the tree grows and thrives, it serves as a living testament to the memory of your loved ones, offering a sense of renewal and hope. Additionally, tree planting can positively impact the environment, helping combat climate change and create a more sustainable future. By planting a tree in your loved one’s memory, you can celebrate their life and create a lasting legacy that will continue to thrive for generations.

  1. Revisit treasured locations 

Revisiting treasured places may be an effective approach to keep your loved ones’ memories alive and inspire sentiments of nostalgia and affection. These locations have significant meaning because they represent shared memories, pleasure, and love. Returning to these areas allows you to travel back in time, revisiting fond memories and relishing sensations of warmth and familiarity. Whether it’s a beloved restaurant, park, or getaway location, returning to these places may help you relive memories with your beloved and experience a feeling of closeness to the past. You may find peace and consolation in their memories and preserve their spirit with you constantly by recalling the good moments you experienced with them.

  1. Get the photos up 

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Displaying cherished photos of loved ones can be a powerful way to keep your memories close and pay tribute to those who have touched your life. Photos can capture fleeting moments and emotions, evoking memories of past experiences and those who shared them. Whether framing a favourite portrait, creating a photo album, or using digital technology to create a slideshow or screensaver, photos can be a wonderful tool for remembering and celebrating the lives of those you have lost. By incorporating photos into your home or workspace, you can create a peaceful and comforting space that honours your loved ones and reminds you of the love and connections that continue to exist even after their passing.

  1. Get a piece of memory jewelry

Memory jewelry can be a wonderful way to keep the thoughts of your loved ones close to your heart and carry their spirit with you wherever you go. These custom pieces can be created using metals, gemstones, and even hair or ashes and can be designed to reflect the unique personality and style of your special one. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or ring, memory jewelry can be a physical reminder of your love and bond with your loved ones. By wearing these pieces, you can keep their memory alive and feel a sense of comfort and connection, even when they are no longer with you. 

  1. Give to a charity they supported 

If your late loved one had a charity they supported, it might be worth contemplating donating to that organization. Many charities permit donors to provide a dedication in commemoration of a specific person. In addition, it may be thoughtful to include a short message for non-monetary donations such as pet food to a shelter. For instance, to donate pet food to remember a father fond of animals, an attached note could read something like “In memory of my father, who cherished animals.”

  1. Write them a letter 

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Putting your thoughts on paper in a heartfelt letter can be therapeutic. Why not wield your writing ability to inscribe epistles to your loved one, describing the occurrences within your world or everything around you? These musings may be treasured for posterity or stationed in an exclusive location for your loved ones to read for their pleasure. You may store these messages in an unused room or available space inside the home. Alternatively, if you deem these messages to hold both sacred and sentimental value for your loved ones, placing them on a decorative wall could imbue a sense of fondness while evoking precious memories. To adorn your letters with flair, you may choose from an array of charming writing sets, complete with paper and envelopes.

  1. Make an altar 

Making a memorial altar to remember a dead loved one is a timeless ritual. Altars are significant in various religions and civilizations, often used to commemorate the deceased. It can bring you closer to them and provide a haven. Consider what items you want to add and how you wish to design the room. Religious materials, candles, pictures, presents from loved ones, artifacts belonging to that person, or natural items such as stones or flowers are all popular. Meanwhile, headstones also serve practical purposes on gravesites, and you could use bronze grave markers to preserve the memory of the loved one and allow future generations to learn about their legacy. 

  1. Preserve their handwriting 

Preserving the handwriting of a dear departed loved one can be a poignant and meaningful way of cherishing their memory. Handwritten notes, letters, cards, and similar items can be kept as tokens. These handwritten pieces are tangible and can evoke strong emotions and memories, enabling you to feel more connected to your late loved ones. By having personal handwriting to hold onto, you can experience their presence with you, which can be incredibly comforting in times of grief or longing. Having something that they created with their own hand inspires an immense sense of warmth and intimacy. The handwriting can serve as a beautiful and everlasting tribute, providing solace and helping to keep the memory of our loved ones alive. 

  1. Set up a memorial fundraiser 

Creating a memorial fundraiser is a beautiful way to commemorate a beloved departed individual while supporting a cause or charity meaningful to them. The fundraiser could be anything from a charity walk or run to a bake sale or auction, all organized in memory of the loved one. The funds raised could be donated to a cause close to the heart of the late loved one or a charity supporting a specific condition or need. The event also brings people together, offering an opportunity to share stories and memories of the person you remember. Arranging such an event requires effort, but it’s a meaningful way to honour your loved ones while positively impacting the world.

  1. Listen to their favourite playlist

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Listening to a deceased loved one’s best-loved playlist can be an evocative and moving way to remember them. Music often showcases emotions and memories, providing a powerful reference point for recalling your loved ones. Listening to music enables you to connect with the moments you shared with them, their personality, and the things that meant the most to them. By indulging in their choice of music, you can keep their spirit alive and cherish their legacy. It is a beautiful way to feel close to them, to revel in memories of them, and to allow the healing process to take a natural course. Listening to their favourite playlist ultimately helps you embrace the joy and beauty of their presence while mourning their absence. 

Dealing with loss can be challenging, and healing takes time. However, celebrating your lost loved ones can help you through the process. Presented above are a handful of methods to help you keep the memories of your departed loved ones living on. 

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