12 Delicious Drinks to Enjoy in the Holiday Season

12 Delicious Drinks to Enjoy in the Holiday Season

When the holiday season rolls around, bells start tingling in the air, the snow takes over the trees and the rooftops, and preparations start for various dishes for that long-awaited Christmas party! Apart from the delicious feasts and the gatherings to enjoy in the holiday season, the season-special drinks are one thing that almost everybody looks forward to.

From deep, warm drinks that will fulfill your heart to cool drinks that will keep you on your toes in the cold weather, the options are various, catering to different tastes and preferences. If you are one of those who enjoy different beverages in every season, here are some of the best holiday special drinks that you should try this season!

  1. Spiced Eggnog

Though spice sounds like a good idea for drinks in the chilly season, here we are referring to an adult version of eggnog. If you’re looking for a Christmas classic that will be especially popular among adults, you can serve this upgraded, alcoholic version of eggnog. For making eggnog with alcohol, all you have to do is follow the classic recipe and add your choice of booze to it.

  1. Butterbeer

This one calls out to all the Harry Potter fans out there! While watching the actors enjoy warm butterbeers in the freezing winters, all of us desperately wanted to try a sip of that deliciously indulgent drink. Luckily, there is a Muggle version of it too. If you enjoy deep and warm flavours like caramel and butterscotch, then be sure to try this drink and make your holiday much more enjoyable.

  1. Apple Cider

If you combine the words “winter” and “holiday season,” apple cider automatically comes to mind. You simply cannot enjoy the chilly weather to its fullest without this fruity, spicy, flavorful drink. It is so easy to make that you won’t even know when you started making it and when you’re done. So, this winter, gather your family close to the fireplace and sip on this hearty drink while sharing stories.

  1. Iced Cinnamon Latte

Now, it may raise some brows that we are suggesting a cold beverage in the winter. But there is something else about challenging your taste buds and enjoying a cold beverage in the cold season, especially if it’s a cold latte. As a salute to the holiday season, you can try a cinnamon-flavoured version of this drink and feel the chilly season with every sip.

  1. Warm Vanilla Cappucino

No winter is complete without a nice, hot cup of latte. Imagine this: you are sitting by the window, huddled up in blankets and pillows with your favourite book and a steaming hot mug of vanilla latte in your hand. Doesn’t it sound cozy? So, make sure to take a moment for yourself this holiday season and enjoy every sip of this simple luxury.

  1. Ginger Punch

Everyone associates ginger with winter recipes, so who are we to deny the holiday special spice? You can make a punch with any fruits that you like. Just infuse ginger in it for a spicy kick. This addition will take the drink up several notches and will be the spotlight at any party that you serve this at.

  1. Iced Tea with Spices

Here is another option for a cold beverage in the winter season, but bear with us! Iced tea may be associated with sunny summer days, but if you add a handful of spices to it, it could be just as good and festive for the holiday season, too. Iced tea offers many options, such as lemon, peach, apple, and many more. To upgrade it for the winter, add cloves, star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger to it.

  1. Peppermint Tea

This drink is not only a winter classic but also offers various health benefits. It is common to fall sick in this season, so if you’re feeling a little under the weather this holiday season, give yourself some rest with a hot cup of peppermint tea. Peppermint tea offers various benefits, such as soothing migraines, improving digestion, helping you sleep better, and many more.

  1. Hot Chocolate

What are winter nights without this rich winter staple? The best thing about hot chocolate in the winter is that you can enjoy it in the morning, noon, evening, and night! So, if you’re looking for a classic option to rely upon, whip up some hot chocolate. For a little depth in flavour and comfort, top this drink with whipped cream and sip away!

  1. Masala Chai

For those who want something different than coffee and punch and enjoy a richer combination of flavours in their drinks, masala chai is the best option to go to! It is made with the traditional chai method, with an addition of aromatic spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. To add more depth to it, add ginger.

  1. Cookie Shake

The holiday season and cookies go hand in hand. But cookies are not limited to midnight munchies. If you want to enjoy cookies differently, blend them up with your favourite ice cream, add some caramel, chocolate, or any other sauce of your choice, chocolate chips or sprinkles, and top with some whipped cream for some flavour-packed goodness!

  1. The Classic Martini

If you’re having an adult party this holiday season, you can always count on the classic martini. Such a drink always makes any party more enjoyable. For a seasonal touch, you can even add a peppermint twist to it. Plus, it is not even difficult to whip up, so it’ll be an effortless and lip-smacking option for any gathering.


Half of the fun of the holiday season is sipping on exciting drinks with your loved ones. Whether you are hanging out with your friends and indulging in a flavoured latte or enjoying a party while sipping on a classic martini, there’s a drink for every occasion. So, make the most of this holiday season with these drinks!

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