When Life Gives You Lemons…

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We’ve all been there. Life’s going smoothly, then suddenly, WHAM! Something unexpected happens, and you’re left trying to find your bearings. “When life gives you lemons” is such a well-known saying for a reason – it is something we have all experienced from time to time – those moments where everything seems to be going wrong and life can seem hopeless.

The good news is, as you will know, the rest of the saying tells us to “make lemonade” and this is not just a trite suggestion, it is something we can all do to make the best of the bad situations we find ourselves in. Here are a few ways you can do that:

1. Think Right

Many of us are under the misapprehension that our thoughts are our thoughts and they are out of our control. This is simply not true! Although it can be challenging, it is definitely possible to transform negative thoughts into positive ones, by using mantras and meditation, and if you can learn to do this, then you can always make those tough situations seem a little brighter, and start thinking about how to turn those bitter lemons into sweet lemonade!

2. A problem Shared

When you’re having a tough time, keeping it to yourself is a really bad idea. It will allow the problem to fester and get worse in your head, and it will prevent you from getting the help and support you need, So, whether you confide in a trusted loved one or a therapist from Mosaic Psychiatry, if things are really tough for you right now, reach out, You will never regret getting that shoulder to lean on when you need it most.

3. Keep calm

It’s often easier said than done, but when it seems like everything is going wrong and your world is being turned upside down, the worst thing you can do is panic and overreact, or you will just end up more despairing and more depressed, so it is vital you keep a calm head. After all, the calmer you are, the easier it will be able to get through the lemonade patch and think your way to solutions, so you can get to the lemonade stage. Meditation is a great tool for helping you keep your calm, so maybe look into it.

4. Be practical

When life gives you lemons, it’s a good idea to focus on what you can practically do about your situation. For example, if your landlord is selling up and he’s told you that you need to move out within the next month, you could wail and cry and think about how awful it is, or you could start saving money and looking for new rentals, which one is going to improve your situation?

5. Ba patient

We all go through hard times, but these hard times can and will pass, so you just need to remind yourself of that, do what you can to improve things, and be patient knowing that nothing lasts forever.

When life gives you lemons, the above will help you to make lemonade!

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Josie Smith
Josie Smith
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