Lumaflex Body Pro: Recovery Renewed

Lumaflex Body Pro: Recovery Renewed

When the opportunity to review Lumaflex hit my inbox I immediately thought of my oldest child who plays high-level basketball. He spends hours daily training to improve and then gets home and tries to recover enough to do it all again tomorrow. As much as we do our best to help him reach his goals I know that we can’t help in this area so I was hoping I could at least help him by giving him access to one of the most promising noninvasive muscle recovery, pain relief, and performance enhancement machines to hit the market, Lumaflex.

Who Made Lumaflex?

Professional bodybuilder John Graham, the visionary, yet to become CEO of Lumaflex, was on a mission to change performance enhancement. He assembled the team and despite Covid happening they developed, tested, and are getting ready to launch Lumaflex to the public. John continues to have major successes in his bodybuilding career because of the red light therapy accompanying his training routine.

How Does the Lumaflex Work?

The Lumaflex is a small device that packs a big punch. Through its use of red and infrared lights, it stimulates healing and gives the user a variety of health benefits. Red light therapy has been shown to promote cellular activity which can help in muscle recovery and inflammation reduction. Infrared light works by penetrating deeper into the tissues, promoting increased blood flow, and oxygenization. Combined they are a welcome tool for pain relief, muscle recovery, and even skin rejuvenation. Light therapy has been shown to increase muscle growth by 50% over those who use muscle training by itself.

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Flexible Design for Convenience

One of the best selling points of the Lumaflex is the fact that the fully flexible panel is really a one-stop shop. It can easily mold to be positioned according to your unique needs. The unit can be used without the straps and placed on the body part you want or you can make it hands-free and strap it to your body making sure you have maximum skin contact. Thanks to its cordless design it adapts to the needs of the user and can be used at home, outside, or even at the gym.

Image via Lumaflex.com

Durability in Moist Conditions

I think we’re all wondering whether this unit can really be used at the gym or while being active because electronics and sweat are not always the best match. Happy to report that the Lumaflex is the world’s first sweat and waterproof red light panel. It’s specifically made to be durable with intense swear sessions in mind. So now when my kid is sitting on the bench or waiting for his turn on the machine at the gym he can get some pain relief and recovery help. It can even be used in the pool or recovery tub. Mind blown.

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Backed by Clinical Research

We all want to make sure that when it comes to products meant to deliver health results we do our due diligence. Lumaflex has had extensive clinical research and studies and has been cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical advice after showing how effective it is at muscle recovery, pain relief, and skin health.

Long-Lasting Performance

Lumaflex is built to last, thanks to its high-quality materials and construction. This ensures that you can rely on the device for consistent performance and enjoy its light therapy benefits for an extended period. With Lumaflex, you can experience the benefits of pain relief and improved blood circulation without worrying about the durability of the device. I love that the upkeep of the unit is so simple; wipe when dirty and add some WD40 if it needs some but otherwise, no upkeep is necessary.

What Comes With the Lumaflex Body Pro?

I love that this all comes in its own little hard-bodied pouch that houses everything you need to get recovery and relief on the go. Included is the USB charger, the flexible Lumaflex panel, a carrying handle that can be easily removed when not in use, long and short velcro harnesses so the unit can be worn, and a microfiber towel so you can easily clean up the unit on the go. No messy creams or gels are needed which I love because I can tell you from past experience that when the unit needs to make a mess in order to make me feel better, I just don’t bother.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to feeling better, we’re all either consciously or subconsciously striving for it. There are a lot of promises on the market but the Lumaflex gives you relief for muscles and joints in under 10 minutes of treatment. I know when it comes to my son after a game he is hurting all over. Giving him the ability to help jumpstart recovery on what aches him instead of waiting to be seen by the physiotherapist will help him reach the next level in his training. The Lumaflex Body Pro will now be kept in his gym bag so it’s always just an arm’s length away.

Purchase Your Lumaflex Body Pro

Lumaflex Body Pro is the superhero you’ve been waiting for in the world of light therapy. With its powerful red and infrared light combo, flexible design, and durability, it’s ready to rescue you from pain and discomfort. Whether you’re aching for muscle recovery, craving some skin rejuvenation, or simply want to supercharge your well-being, Lumaflex has got your back. So, suit up, invest in Lumaflex today, and let the power of light unlock a healthier, more vibrant you. It’s time to shine!

Lumaflex is now on Indiegogo and offering $220 off of their device for early investors


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