When the Last One Takes his First Steps

first steps

It has happened. Our youngest child has taken his first steps. These are the last “first steps” we will be having.

I don’t want to say that I have been doing everything in my power to delay this milestone but I have not been doing anything at all to bring it on. At 15 months he is more than ready to start to run after his siblings although you know who is not ready, me.

I love that I know where he is at all times by the way his little hands hit the floor as he crawls around. The little shuffle that accompanies the crawl is a reminder to be careful as I rush around trying to do it all in a world when I really should be slowing down and taking it all in.

Because this is important right now. This is the ONLY important thing to do today.

It’s time I stop and get low, low to the ground. Looking at this little guy as he looks at me from across the room. Watching him let go of the couch and take steps to my open arms waiting to embrace him as he proudly throws himself in my arms. Because this is important right now. This is the ONLY important thing to do today.

Am I sad that my last baby is growing up? Not in the least. He is thriving in ways I think all parents wish for their kids. He is smart, funny, has a smile that can even make my angry scowl melt into a grin. He is kind and caring, ALWAYS sharing his food with me – even if it means he has to stop chewing it and spit it out before feeding it to me. 

Knowing that I am done having kids is liberating. I spent too many years either waiting for the test to show a positive, growing that positive result into a baby and then raising babies into smart, self-sufficient kids. The time has come for me to enjoy these little people for all that they are.


Aneta Alaei
Aneta Alaei

Aneta is a Toronto-based mom of four that loves a good meal, great company, and learning something new. In her free time, you can find her trying to keep yet another plant alive.

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  1. Victoria Ess
    August 24, 2016 / 9:51 am

    Oh what a mix of emotions I feel reading your post.