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We are a tech loving family. We strongly believe that tech is the future so we allow our kids to use it to thrive. That being said this category will host all the tech we love.

Back-to-School Like a Pro with Staples Canada + Huge Giveaway

When it comes to back-to-school shopping I like to handle it like a pro. One stop, one shop, all of the things. Even though we have 3 kids going back-to-school this year (and a momma that loves new office gear), we still manage to find everything we need (and some things we want) at Staples Canada. For years we have been doing our trek to Staples so that we could pick up the essentials for the whole family to go back-to-school. Whether that means a new printer, a family calendar or the whole slew of back-to-school products the kids want…

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