Tech We Love

We are a tech loving family. We strongly believe that tech is the future so we allow our kids to use it to thrive. That being said this category will host all the tech we love.

Make Travel Easier With Netflix

During the busy holiday season travel seems to be at the top of most peoples lists. Whether you are flying across the world, the country or just driving across the city to visit family and friends, make travel easier with Netflix. Make Travel Easier With Netflix 1 in 5 Canadian…

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Personalized Tech Gifts from Toddy Gear

Personalized gifts are my favourite and personalized tech gifts rank high on the list. With a name like ‘Aneta’ I spent my whole life scouring personalized gift shelves and finding the spots between Anita and Annette not filled with ‘Aneta’. Toddy Gear I first worked with Toddy Gear back in…

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