How We Made the Decision to Pull Our Daughter from the French Stream into English

A few weeks ago we made the decision to pull our daughter from the French stream into English and it was years in the making. …

Eating at the Dining Room Table

Mealtime is family time and I always want them to know there is a place at the table for them, especially now that they are growing up.

Rick Riordan’s The Trials of Apollo series: The Tyrant’s Tomb

When we first started our journey with Rick Riordan’s books I didn’t know how my kids would do. We started our two oldest on the…

Our Atopic Dermatitis Story: Kids With Eczema

Sharing our Atopic Dermatitis story: Kids with Eczema. Read about how we are thriving
through the struggle in our latest blog post. #ad #eczpressyourselfcanada